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I mean Jesus said they were the master of lies for a reason

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I've always been interested in mythology...Noting the similarities between dieties and mythology. I'm not saying their the same, but the story of Odin's spear has some similarities with Crucifixion. Eye of Horus--> Odin eye. Biblical Giants (Nefilim) --Frost Giants.

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The Arthurian legend of wounded and returning King is the same as German legend of Emperor Frederic Barbarossa, who shall one day come out of the cave in which he has been asleep for centuries, and save his people, and lead them to unheard-of glory; in Denmark, as Holger Danske, of the Kronborg Mountain; in Poland, as the “Sleeping Host” of folk-tales; in Hungary, as “Attila,” who is, one day to re-appear at the head of “Csaba’s Army”, and as I've learned re-reading Kalevala, that of Väinämöinen as well.

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All Aryans are connected by their blood-faith.

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All our faiths are connected, as all aryans are connected by the blood memory. I could go on about this stuff for hours.

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Actually in the process of re-reading Kalevala and Bhagavad Gita and Savitri Devi's and Serrano's works.

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well if you want to indulge me... seriously... watch this documentary with a open mind.....

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Lemminkäinen of Finnic pagans is very similar to Baldur, and Väinämöinen is similar to the leaving/returning king of virtually all white faiths, like the Sleeping Host of the Poles for example. Despite of us not even being Germanic. In Kalevala, Lemminkäinen, a great, handsome warrior, slain by a blind man from a party he's in, by driving a snake through him. With the exception of the mistletoe, that's identical to Baldur's fate. But unlike, Baldur, Lemminkäinen is more Christ-like in the sense that he is revived like Osiris during the story

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it does a pretty good job

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explaining nelphim and giants and all that shit

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2 hours, could you give some TL;DW

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the text sucks at first but narration starts at about 4:50 ish

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welll basically most of what you know is jewish / freemason bullshit basically I guess

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they hate jesus / christiantiy.. so everything you know is based off disproving that

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however you want to catagorize it

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they are the ones that created the half humans / animal things / giants / nephilimis / etc before he got pissed off and destroyed it all

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etc. etc.

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it is 2 hours after all

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the fallen ones

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So earth is flat?

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well hard to say without being able to see it yourself, but it certainly isn't a globe / sphere

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but even the hollow / concave shit doesn't make sense either

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so that is probably closest to the truth

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the jews lie really is the bottom line

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If the world is flat the Jews aren't evil ...

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how so? they are the ones making all this shit up

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Physics, and you ever look out of an aircraft window

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yea I have, they like fish eye lens have a curve at the edges

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Ever see a ship go beyond the horizon

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yea then if you pull out a Nikon Coolpix 900 and zoom in it magically reappears

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Flat things don't look like that

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Not totally

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I have used long rang optics

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That X16 zoom kills it

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Wrong you need to go beyond 16x being it is 12 miles out where the curvachure will make it go out of view