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2018-02-01 21:36:34 UTC  

lol cue up the black parade

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I don't smoke.

2018-02-01 21:36:49 UTC  

@Der Jäger I'm not on that playlist right now

2018-02-01 21:36:56 UTC  

the menthol kike

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@Der Jäger Nietzsche was a strange fellow.

2018-02-01 21:37:31 UTC  

I could get into his workings, but I am not sure I would agree with it.

2018-02-01 21:37:48 UTC  

holy shit...i just found the perfect woman on

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What I've heard about it sounds pretty based

2018-02-01 21:38:17 UTC  

@Der Jäger >Inb4 she is several continents away from you

2018-02-01 21:38:28 UTC  

Honestly the whole 'life is suffering' has a grain of truth

2018-02-01 21:38:38 UTC  

of course she is @Dangerlurking

2018-02-01 21:38:44 UTC  

@Fash Dragon True, but not the whole truth, if that makes sense.

2018-02-01 21:39:19 UTC  

I find Nietzsche to be a hard read

2018-02-01 21:39:28 UTC  

but intriguing non the less

2018-02-01 21:39:41 UTC  

Yhea, I would rather read evola if I wanted philosophy.

2018-02-01 21:39:55 UTC  

Im going to clip the ohio is for lovers video and replace everyones face with fevs face with his emo hair

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That's a good song nigger

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@Der Jäger Funfact: I once had a commie tell me that national socialism came from nietsche.

2018-02-01 21:40:58 UTC  

@Dangerlurking what I mean is that life isn't easy. An organic lifestyle is ride with stressors and anxiety. Strength comes from learning to overcome those stressed and be a productive man

2018-02-01 21:41:09 UTC  

"Struggle is the father of all things" Adolf Hitler

2018-02-01 21:41:18 UTC  

@Fash Dragon Ah, yes, that I do agree with.

2018-02-01 21:42:12 UTC  

The only people who want a life free of stress are a people for whom life has no meaning

2018-02-01 21:42:57 UTC  

Of course, when you have nothing to work for, or anything that puts you under stress, you essentially are a meaningless and pointless creation of the modern world.

2018-02-01 21:43:18 UTC  

struggle is real

2018-02-01 21:44:30 UTC  

Ah, this is truth, for those who refused to fight in the pre and post roman ages would be likely to die a quick death.

2018-02-01 21:45:45 UTC  

(Well for the early post roman ages.)

2018-02-01 21:47:12 UTC  

I’d definitely like to get smarter about Nietzsche, as for the whole ‘Will to Power’ thing, I’ve got problems with that....

2018-02-01 21:48:05 UTC  

Meh, I really don't care a whole lot for nietzsche.

2018-02-01 21:50:29 UTC  

topic hijack...on war in ukraine

2018-02-01 21:50:35 UTC  

which side do you support?

2018-02-01 21:50:44 UTC  

i'm very torn on this lol

2018-02-01 21:51:02 UTC  

before I was a NatSoc...I supported DNR

2018-02-01 21:51:09 UTC  

and even now I still do

2018-02-01 21:51:15 UTC  

b/c the corruption of Kiev

2018-02-01 21:51:17 UTC  

Both sides are controlled by the jews **SO FUCKEM.**

2018-02-01 21:51:23 UTC  

BOTH sides?

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hows that

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