Message from Kombat-Unit in tradworker #tradworker

2017-10-02 05:08:11 UTC  

Antifa only have some shit tier post-hardcore.

2017-10-02 05:08:17 UTC  

which is a shit genre for shit people

2017-10-02 05:08:49 UTC  

It's a bunch of hipsters who like HARD MUSIC that want to kick the air.

2017-10-02 05:10:35 UTC  

Even the best punk I've heard has been nazi.

2017-10-02 05:10:55 UTC  

You into noise? The scene is choke full of nazis as well.

2017-10-02 05:10:57 UTC  

FFS Psyclon Nine used to have swastikas on stage, the lead vocalist is a tranny.

2017-10-02 05:11:07 UTC  

Yeah, I used to make a lot of noise.

2017-10-02 05:11:09 UTC  

Electro industrial?

2017-10-02 05:11:11 UTC  

P9 was aggrotech.

2017-10-02 05:11:12 UTC  

**F A M**

2017-10-02 05:11:55 UTC  


2017-10-02 05:12:09 UTC  

Yeah, I used to listen to shit ton of Agonoize, FGFC820, Suicide Commando, etc

2017-10-02 05:12:18 UTC  

Hell, Kombat Unit is the name of a really old ass aggrotech band.

2017-10-02 05:12:23 UTC  

SC associated act.

2017-10-02 05:12:34 UTC  

I don't think any of them were NS

2017-10-02 05:12:38 UTC  

But they were NOT PC.

2017-10-02 05:12:43 UTC  


2017-10-02 05:13:10 UTC  

Nah, I didn't say they were nazi, I meant some other noise bands.

2017-10-02 05:13:20 UTC  

Just used to be a massive aggrotech/electro industrial fan.

2017-10-02 05:13:29 UTC  

Used to go to a bunch of raves as well.

2017-10-02 05:13:47 UTC  

Dude you know Yade?

2017-10-02 05:14:37 UTC  

I was younger back in them days

2017-10-02 05:14:43 UTC  

But yeah I'm still into aggrotech

2017-10-02 05:14:47 UTC  

Aggrotech is a white genre

2017-10-02 05:16:13 UTC  

Oh yeah, and they aren't exactly discreet about certain influences even if theyre not NS.

2017-10-02 05:16:17 UTC  

This track is nice

2017-10-02 05:16:29 UTC  

Oh yeah Nachtmahr

2017-10-02 05:16:30 UTC  


2017-10-02 05:16:43 UTC  

I promoted the idea of marching to aggrotech lmao

2017-10-02 05:17:13 UTC  

You listened to FGFC820?

2017-10-02 05:17:19 UTC  

Of course

2017-10-02 05:17:43 UTC  

Yeah, dumb question. Fell in love with Perfect War.

2017-10-02 05:18:03 UTC  

Sadly Terrorfakt is anti-NS

2017-10-02 05:19:04 UTC  

Used to listen to Psyclon and Dawn of Ashes and ESC, but developed a taste for softer, more electronic sound like FGFC and SAM and what have you.

2017-10-02 05:19:20 UTC  

Was bummed out by DoA stopped doing aggrotech.

2017-10-02 05:19:42 UTC  

Oh yeah same, they went into a CoF copy.

2017-10-02 05:20:31 UTC  

Very first track I listened to was Aesthetic Perfection's Schadenfreude. I'm not even a huge AP fan but that track got me hooked up to the genre for life.