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2017-12-30 17:37:47 UTC  

She's a pretty mestizo puerto rican then

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Euraisanism was so last year now its AmeriSpanicism

2017-12-30 17:39:05 UTC  

Who knows I thing it's a race mixer creation that has been breed with whites a few generations in my honest opinion

2017-12-30 17:39:21 UTC  

I am fine with nonwhite nationalism just not within white nationalism if that makes sense?

2017-12-30 17:39:29 UTC  

Seems obligatory.

2017-12-30 17:39:52 UTC  

Each race it's own place

2017-12-30 17:40:45 UTC  

Let the noggs play with sticks in Africa they are no threat left alone it's when whites make them pets they become uppity

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yall ni🅱🅱as typin but no one joinin the VC

2017-12-30 17:45:09 UTC  

Nibba got the fly

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Nigga we will heal you with my witch doctor magic

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Number 1 cure for the flu is to rape babies works on aids too

2017-12-30 17:48:39 UTC  

Witch doctor told me this but you need vooduu to make it work

2017-12-30 17:50:21 UTC  

Say no to civic nationalism

2017-12-30 18:42:04 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦

Gabe is out of TWP now?

2017-12-30 18:52:22 UTC  

I have no idea.

2017-12-30 18:52:28 UTC  

I can't make that call.

2017-12-30 18:52:58 UTC  

Oh, U said "one of our former locals", so it made it sound like he left us.

Did he move, then?

2017-12-30 18:55:55 UTC  

German engineering at its finest

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2017-12-30 19:04:08 UTC  

Kessler's starting to get a bit full of himself

2017-12-30 19:04:57 UTC  

Or cuz no one cares what Kessler says...

That dude is a noob to the movement...Idk why in the F he thinks he is some sort of leaders...he's proven himself to be incapable of such a role numerous times now.

2017-12-30 19:05:29 UTC  
2017-12-30 19:05:30 UTC  

This nigga

2017-12-30 19:05:36 UTC  

Also, quit appropriating my Orthodox symbolism and aesthetics...LARP

2017-12-30 19:06:07 UTC  

I personally STRONGLY dislike him

2017-12-30 19:06:27 UTC  

STFU and get in the back of the line, like the rest of the "fresh-cuts"

2017-12-30 19:06:34 UTC  

Same. Everything he does he seems like he's doing for individualist reasons

2017-12-30 19:07:05 UTC  

He has a PERSONAL vendetta against the cville government, and that gets in the way

2017-12-30 19:07:14 UTC  

He has since before cville 1 lol

2017-12-30 19:08:09 UTC  

Ya, I just don't pay him any mind...Im certainly not going back to Cville, just because he wants to...retard

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Is this some shit news outlet that somehow knows too much about what's going on?

2017-12-30 19:22:06 UTC  

So here’s the background