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2017-12-12 22:40:35 UTC  

Memory eternal. We need wealthy nationalist donors. We gotta redpill some rich kid.

2017-12-12 22:41:39 UTC  

Ha, my buddy suggested getting our guys to go bang wealthy widows, and have them be the Movement's sugar mommas lol

2017-12-12 22:42:01 UTC  

All for the Cause

2017-12-12 22:42:21 UTC  

Stalin robbed trains, y'all rob the old folks home. lol

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2017-12-12 22:46:03 UTC  

It's not a bad idea

2017-12-12 22:46:04 UTC  


2017-12-12 22:46:22 UTC  

what's a little wrinkly sex for the cause?

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2017-12-12 22:57:22 UTC  

Nazbowl confirmed

2017-12-12 22:57:31 UTC  

@John Mosby sometimes a mans gotta do , what a mans gotta do

2017-12-12 22:58:57 UTC  

The GSS guys sent their "dragon-slayer" to skrew some fat thot, to get her to buy them all tickets to our Althing one year HAHAHA

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2017-12-12 22:59:12 UTC  

Did i ever tell you guys that Ryan braun told antifa you were going to an event during the middle of last year? I'm not joking. I forgot about it until recently and since he has cut ties with all of the members i may as well tell you.

2017-12-12 22:59:26 UTC  

what happened?

2017-12-12 22:59:27 UTC  

I don't remember which one but it did happen.

2017-12-12 22:59:43 UTC  

He told antifa you were going to an event.

2017-12-12 22:59:52 UTC  

what group is he even a part of now?

2017-12-12 22:59:57 UTC  


2017-12-12 23:00:11 UTC  

What a little biotch

2017-12-12 23:00:14 UTC  

He hangs out with texan national vanguard guys.

2017-12-12 23:00:27 UTC  

He deserves to be beaten and tortured honestly.

2017-12-12 23:00:27 UTC  

He told antifa that who was going to an event?

2017-12-12 23:00:31 UTC  


2017-12-12 23:00:34 UTC  

Are they awares'd

2017-12-12 23:01:00 UTC  

I don't know.

2017-12-12 23:02:47 UTC  

Some one should make them aware they are in danger tbh

2017-12-12 23:03:11 UTC  

Everyone wants to bash him

2017-12-12 23:03:19 UTC  

Is this he said she said or legit

2017-12-12 23:03:30 UTC  

This happened.

2017-12-12 23:05:58 UTC  

ive herd about this ryan guy ive herd on facebook he bashes the TWP all the time

2017-12-12 23:07:41 UTC  

should i message dillon, or

2017-12-12 23:07:51 UTC  
2017-12-12 23:08:04 UTC  

i think TX is now mostly just Patriot Front

2017-12-12 23:08:10 UTC  

i could call their leader and bully him i guess

2017-12-12 23:08:23 UTC  

ive seen their pictures, they had VA imagery

2017-12-12 23:08:48 UTC  

No more Mister Nice Guy

2017-12-12 23:08:50 UTC  

Patriot front was vanguard, but switched over or some shit

2017-12-12 23:09:04 UTC  

they had a schism

2017-12-12 23:09:07 UTC  

Patriot Front are American Nationalists

2017-12-12 23:09:12 UTC  

Not even Fascists