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2018-02-03 07:45:39 UTC  

and they had like 3 underlings who had to be prefects

2018-02-03 07:45:49 UTC  

and they had to organize everything important

2018-02-03 07:46:03 UTC  

We had a Head Boy and Girl and two prefects from each Form for each House.

2018-02-03 07:46:08 UTC  

I was one of the two for my Form.

2018-02-03 07:46:20 UTC  

The Head boy was from another house though so

2018-02-03 07:46:20 UTC  


2018-02-03 07:46:24 UTC  

but our sixth form wasnt like a seperate thing from the rest of the school

2018-02-03 07:46:28 UTC  

Our Head Girl was in my form though.

2018-02-03 07:46:41 UTC  

idk how many prefects we had, i always saw a lot

2018-02-03 07:47:05 UTC  

We had... 5 houses and 2 forms for each house.

2018-02-03 07:47:18 UTC  

head boy for when i was in yr 13 was in my form and he was a bellend

2018-02-03 07:47:23 UTC  

So 20 prefects and 2 Head's

2018-02-03 07:47:51 UTC  

how big was ur school

2018-02-03 07:48:02 UTC  

Pretty big.

2018-02-03 07:48:17 UTC  

It is the biggest in terms of pupils in my area.

2018-02-03 07:48:24 UTC  

Very decent public school.

2018-02-03 07:48:36 UTC  

Gone downhill when they started letting in council kids though

2018-02-03 07:48:36 UTC  


2018-02-03 07:48:40 UTC  

scum fills the halls now.

2018-02-03 07:48:41 UTC  

idk i went to a snobby grammar school

2018-02-03 07:48:59 UTC  

I went to Grammar School for science related things.

2018-02-03 07:49:05 UTC  

full of like upper middle and rich ass snobby kids

2018-02-03 07:49:07 UTC  

Boys High.

2018-02-03 07:49:18 UTC  

Yeah, same here for me.

2018-02-03 07:49:28 UTC  

My school was all full of Upper Middle class though

2018-02-03 07:49:45 UTC  

Richer kids went to the Grammar School who passed the 11+

2018-02-03 07:49:56 UTC  

When I was like in year 9...

2018-02-03 07:50:03 UTC  

They started letting in Council Kids and scumbags

2018-02-03 07:50:08 UTC  


2018-02-03 07:50:09 UTC  

and it just went downhill really quick.

2018-02-03 07:50:17 UTC  

i passed the 11+

2018-02-03 07:50:21 UTC  

got a nice 609

2018-02-03 07:50:24 UTC  

I never did it

2018-02-03 07:51:02 UTC  

my primary school made like the top 10 students take it and the rest could sign up if they want

2018-02-03 07:51:21 UTC  

yeah I think that was the same for me

2018-02-03 07:51:33 UTC  

I only really started doing well at school at the end of Year 8

2018-02-03 07:52:53 UTC  

my parents just really didnt want to send me to any of the local comprehensives because they were all pure dirt

2018-02-03 07:53:14 UTC  

I was pretty lucky in that Regard

2018-02-03 07:53:23 UTC  

Got two decent schools here to go to.

2018-02-03 07:53:31 UTC  

i might be a bit of a chavvie but they were all full of gypsies

2018-02-03 07:53:49 UTC  

I originally applied for a Catholic Secondary School but they denied me.