Message from !astra in Everything Is Space #ock

2018-02-03 14:59:06 UTC  


2018-02-03 14:59:14 UTC  

like when you banned someone for a shitty reason

2018-02-03 14:59:18 UTC  

everyone knew it was shitty

2018-02-03 14:59:21 UTC  

>have several regiments, but have no cryptograpehers to encrypt your strategic communications. smh

2018-02-03 14:59:23 UTC  

if you could check the threads you'd see my IP wouldnt be on any posts

2018-02-03 14:59:25 UTC  

and you just said "appeal on the forums"

2018-02-03 14:59:29 UTC  

as long as he's not nerfing my bug abusing mechanics or enforcing shitty rp

2018-02-03 14:59:32 UTC  

he's not bad

2018-02-03 14:59:37 UTC  

and when faced you criticism you just go "I dindunuffin"

2018-02-03 14:59:43 UTC  

i never astroturfed, i never messaged more than one guy

2018-02-03 14:59:44 UTC  

Yeah but he's nuts

2018-02-03 14:59:51 UTC  

Not emotionally solid

2018-02-03 14:59:55 UTC  

sorry if we dont believe you

2018-02-03 14:59:59 UTC  

banevader43, right?

2018-02-03 15:00:08 UTC  

In a way shapka is more stable than goldsteel

2018-02-03 15:00:11 UTC  

In many ways rly

2018-02-03 15:00:13 UTC  

i remember when

2018-02-03 15:00:14 UTC  

When You Code It.

2018-02-03 15:00:18 UTC  

he ran for admin the first time

2018-02-03 15:00:25 UTC  

he went into the thread with a trip trying to do some

2018-02-03 15:00:25 UTC  

werent you the one that banned 8shardmmi though?

2018-02-03 15:00:27 UTC  

Undeadmin muh niggah 2Goldsteels

2018-02-03 15:00:28 UTC  

he literally only got admin because of nuke

2018-02-03 15:00:30 UTC  

gay campaign or some shit

2018-02-03 15:00:30 UTC  

me as randy orton laying on the ground hurt and KO'd, and the rest as the metaclub

2018-02-03 15:00:31 UTC  

a real tard

2018-02-03 15:00:34 UTC  

if that's the case you should have been deadmined

2018-02-03 15:00:42 UTC  

that was the first time i used the thread and someone told me to use a trip

2018-02-03 15:00:42 UTC  

inside you're all so hallow

2018-02-03 15:00:43 UTC  

you understand

2018-02-03 15:00:45 UTC  


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2018-02-03 15:00:50 UTC  

I remember when mai psi banned me and adu said

2018-02-03 15:00:54 UTC  


2018-02-03 15:00:55 UTC  

tbh i have no problem with nuke but

2018-02-03 15:00:58 UTC  

Thanks for the great admins pain

2018-02-03 15:01:01 UTC  

anybody who got admin during his thing

2018-02-03 15:01:06 UTC  

And I smiled

2018-02-03 15:01:07 UTC  

shouldnt be admin anymore tbh

2018-02-03 15:01:09 UTC  

Was it nuje

2018-02-03 15:01:11 UTC  

anyway brb guys gotta do my chores and work out