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2017-11-09 05:20:47 UTC  

We still need a TWP choir and have some OC battle hyms to write lads ๐Ÿ‘Œ

2017-11-09 05:21:21 UTC  

Join a Church, bro.

2017-11-09 05:23:01 UTC  

#TWP Church Faith affirmation

2017-11-09 05:24:13 UTC  

Sorry, not trying to proselytize, but Orthodoxy is the way to Heaven...

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2017-11-09 05:25:50 UTC  

Church has a choir, but the SS had a music-corps fam ๐Ÿ˜Ž

2017-11-09 05:27:15 UTC  


Fun fact, Helmuth von Pannwitz is a Saint in our Church (Saint Glicherie).

2017-11-09 05:28:34 UTC  

Sounds like a pretty based church

2017-11-09 05:28:56 UTC  

We have numerous Fash Saints...a LOT of Legionary Saints.

2017-11-09 05:29:27 UTC  

I have Saint George Calciu hanging on my Icon Corner right now.

2017-11-09 05:34:40 UTC  

Long Live Death!

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2017-11-09 06:03:04 UTC  

I, honestly, think it would be funny to have a rally(100+) and everyone wear Trump hats...just to troll.

2017-11-09 06:04:39 UTC  

Im down

2017-11-09 06:04:51 UTC  

Gotta be the chinese hats tho

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2017-11-09 06:37:26 UTC  

Good evening fellow goys vanguard member reporting in from the midwest

2017-11-09 06:39:02 UTC  

Honestly the soldier pic looks like Enemy-manufactured Black Propaganda lol

2017-11-09 06:39:30 UTC  

Not black like racial lol

2017-11-09 06:39:31 UTC  

Not black like racial lol

2017-11-09 06:44:04 UTC  

I mean either one kind of

2017-11-09 06:44:30 UTC  

Definitely bad optics, probably used to try to make antifa think we were going hunting

2017-11-09 06:47:17 UTC  

"Glory be to Trump" the jew sympathizer that gave his daughter away to a jew.

2017-11-09 06:55:29 UTC  

It's 1920x1080p dimensional chess

2017-11-09 06:55:56 UTC  

He is using her to get in with the jews so then he can ultimately and finally solve them.

2017-11-09 06:56:21 UTC  

God I wish that were true

2017-11-09 06:57:44 UTC  

Does the Jew spread its jewishness paternally? I thought it was a matriarchy like all insect colonies

2017-11-09 06:57:53 UTC  

Even if it was the use of our bloodline to do such a thing is dishonourable and disgusting. There is no compromise.

2017-11-09 06:58:54 UTC  

@RaHoWa Ryan jews are like penises they always wiggle their way into a topic with a cute woman.

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2017-11-09 06:59:44 UTC  

Oh nice you are making dinner? Well shit *insert dick pic here*

2017-11-09 11:06:33 UTC  

Can we open a TWP restaurant that gives a portion of profits to poor whites called Heimburger?

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2017-11-09 12:58:50 UTC  

TRADWORER or TrapWorker, whichever you guys like more.