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2017-04-26 03:22:57 UTC  

Im teaching myself on Firearms Design.

2017-04-26 03:23:33 UTC  

Looking into applying The Farqhuar Hill Rifle's Gas System to a LMG.

2017-04-26 03:24:22 UTC  

Yeha I like writing Perl scripts to collect SNMP and MODBUS data. Dont know enough about Seimens gear

2017-04-26 03:24:46 UTC  

Since it's piston acts like a gas valve once fully rearward and what operates the bolt is a dual spring actuated oprod.

2017-04-26 03:25:03 UTC  

I know Fortran if that helps.

2017-04-26 03:25:11 UTC  

Old School

2017-04-26 03:25:14 UTC  

And cool. I am also looking into cybersecurity.

2017-04-26 03:25:24 UTC  

my mom knew fortran back in the 80's

2017-04-26 03:25:35 UTC  

it was ancient then too

2017-04-26 03:25:39 UTC  

cyber security is a growth industry do it!

2017-04-26 03:25:53 UTC  

cyber sec is where to be

2017-04-26 03:25:53 UTC  

Specifically Pen-Testing.

2017-04-26 03:25:58 UTC  

Install Kali Linux

2017-04-26 03:26:14 UTC  

use Tutorials to learn.

2017-04-26 03:26:19 UTC  

has kali officially overtaken backtrack?

2017-04-26 03:26:23 UTC  

I will once I get myself a new laptop.

2017-04-26 03:26:35 UTC  

Or a Raspberry Pi.

2017-04-26 03:26:42 UTC  

I haven't used Windows much in the last 6 years

2017-04-26 03:26:58 UTC  

Yea. Ill just use a Pi.

2017-04-26 03:27:14 UTC  

RPi is a good way to go, make sure you set up the RDP so you have an AI to work with if you need to

2017-04-26 03:27:25 UTC  


2017-04-26 03:27:46 UTC  

still have windows on my main pc and server. old pc runs mint, and the laptop runs tails or mint

2017-04-26 03:28:22 UTC  

I use RPi's for Media PC, RetroPi. Good work e! I use mint on everything

2017-04-26 03:28:35 UTC  

good work Absolute I meant

2017-04-26 03:29:50 UTC  

thinking about adding a synology NAS

2017-04-26 03:30:56 UTC  

huh dunno much aboot that

2017-04-26 03:32:56 UTC  

im a bit of a data hoarder

2017-04-26 03:33:03 UTC  

I made a twitter

2017-04-26 03:33:12 UTC  

What are some fun things to do with it

2017-04-26 03:33:58 UTC  

Other than an SDD for my OS system drive, my storage is about 2.5TB in a tower. Old, too. All of it is at least 4 yrs old. But, It's not a server

2017-04-26 03:35:35 UTC  

Heading to be soon goys, sleep well.

2017-04-26 03:36:01 UTC  

g'nite comrade. sleep tight.

2017-04-26 03:36:36 UTC  

Goodnight Comrade.

2017-04-26 03:38:15 UTC  

Furor, you can troll, or you can redpill

2017-04-26 03:39:53 UTC  

@Hunter.S.Rabbit What version of the Raspberry Pi should I get?

2017-04-26 03:41:18 UTC  


2017-04-26 03:41:32 UTC  


2017-04-26 03:45:43 UTC  

Ill do it.

2017-04-26 03:46:12 UTC  

*if* yer gonna use it for, say... a securitysystem, yer gonna need expansion board. This one: