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2018-01-06 03:02:03 UTC  

AW doesnt even like the TWP as far as im aware

2018-01-06 03:02:04 UTC  

When the schitzophrenia really kicks in hrng

2018-01-06 03:02:20 UTC  

who authored this anti-AWD document?

2018-01-06 03:02:23 UTC  

IDK A lot of them are cool with us

2018-01-06 03:02:30 UTC  

We have disagreements on the best way to do things. But we're not enemies

2018-01-06 03:02:40 UTC

2018-01-06 03:02:57 UTC  

Pretty sure heimbach disavows awd pretty hard

2018-01-06 03:03:00 UTC  

The author seems like an Esoteric Hitlerist

2018-01-06 03:03:05 UTC  

One of them is by Ludwig, one of the Northwest Imperative group leaders. I've talked to one of his guys recently

2018-01-06 03:03:08 UTC  

I don't think he does

2018-01-06 03:03:12 UTC  

He does.

2018-01-06 03:03:32 UTC  

the AWD being "allied" with antifa? is that real?????? it can't be

2018-01-06 03:03:40 UTC  

Of course it isn't real

2018-01-06 03:03:41 UTC  

I think alot of Former AW guys are cool with us i dont think the current AW members are

2018-01-06 03:03:56 UTC  

The AWD poster is basically telling antifa they should be against the system

2018-01-06 03:04:09 UTC  

The whole document is a load of paranoid schizophrenic ramblings and autistically taking memes literally

2018-01-06 03:04:19 UTC  

i see

2018-01-06 03:04:40 UTC  

If you say hail satan as a meme, your as good as dead anyway in my book

2018-01-06 03:05:11 UTC  

hail satan

2018-01-06 03:05:17 UTC  


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2018-01-06 03:05:21 UTC  

If it's really "all a meme bro" I have even less respect for them

2018-01-06 03:05:22 UTC  

no offense

2018-01-06 03:05:26 UTC  

but what the fuck is this shit

2018-01-06 03:05:41 UTC  

HEIL SATAN <:salute:390573776049274885>

2018-01-06 03:06:19 UTC  

Order of the 9 Angles is a fucking satanic cult

2018-01-06 03:06:34 UTC  

and they've managed to infiltrate AtomWaffen

2018-01-06 03:06:37 UTC  

A video of an unspecified person engaging in possibly a Christian ritual

2018-01-06 03:06:41 UTC  

Ahh, the storied ""

2018-01-06 03:07:16 UTC  

Self flagellation is an ancient Catholic ritual that is still observed in some fringe circles

2018-01-06 03:07:34 UTC  

This discussion is getting really shit tier. Awd are subversive faggots and if they like satan memes then I now think less of them than i did yesterday. Ask matt h what he thinks of awd.

2018-01-06 03:08:10 UTC  

I'll ask next time I see him, but I can't recall him ever saying anything too negative about them

2018-01-06 03:08:33 UTC  

Last time i saw him in person it was a topic of discussion

2018-01-06 03:09:24 UTC  

Satan memes are just icing on the fuck awd cake for me. Im going to go drink a beer ans go to bed see ya guys.

2018-01-06 03:09:32 UTC

2018-01-06 03:09:35 UTC  

Well considering alot of bloodtemples graphics and siegecultures graphics are literally the fucking same, its safe to assume its AWD

2018-01-06 03:09:50 UTC  

>Safe to assume

2018-01-06 03:09:51 UTC  


2018-01-06 03:10:28 UTC  

We're getting deep into Pizzagate-level thinking