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2017-04-14 16:56:43 UTC  

I think a lot of Iranian rocket technology and some tanks have north korean tech

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Yeah, Axis of Good gotta stick together yknow

2017-04-14 16:57:49 UTC  

When they landed on the sun they were actually going after a secret israeli base there 👌🏻

2017-04-14 16:58:56 UTC  

Actually Kim Jong-Un has done more to fight ISIS than USA if he has armed Hezbollah

2017-04-14 16:59:11 UTC  

Kind of fucks you up, right?

2017-04-14 16:59:15 UTC  

Damn. Yea.

2017-04-14 16:59:44 UTC  

It's awkward trying to disentangle Amerikaner identity from the American ZOG regime.

2017-04-14 16:59:54 UTC  

Plus I am vehemently Anti-China. You have heard what they do to Catholics in their borders right?

2017-04-14 17:00:05 UTC  

>Casualties 10 North Korean workers allegedly killed.[1]

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...especially given how many Americans are totally pro-Israel, anti-white, and eager to bomb every nationalist country.

2017-04-14 17:01:11 UTC  

I think China still has a place though, they also say fuck you to the jew, but they also fuck over Americans, but our government does nothing to stop their ways

2017-04-14 17:01:20 UTC  

On the other hand, it's pretty reassuring everyone hates kikes, even North Korea.

2017-04-14 17:02:43 UTC  

Yup. And that says something alongside the fact they were expelled from 109 countries...

2017-04-14 17:35:36 UTC  

Also I made a spicy anti Faggot Memes

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Hoping for the day when that is an extinct mental illness

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One can only hope.

2017-04-14 18:07:29 UTC  

that was acually a wounded anti from sacremento last summer

2017-04-14 18:22:08 UTC  

I see. Either way.

2017-04-14 18:22:55 UTC  

I also dislike how utility companies, apparently, doesnt receive payment.

2017-04-14 20:59:26 UTC  

Watch "Propaganda Games: Sesame Credit - The True Danger of Gamification - Extra Credits" on YouTube

2017-04-14 20:59:55 UTC  

While I may dislike China give this a look.

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Just got my shirt in the mail, one of my favorites

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Cool. Gotta get mine.

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Wew lads

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Nice man, some good kike bashing Shields

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I like the cord on the end on the inside I bet that stuff doesn't fuck with your arm much at all

2017-04-14 23:07:46 UTC  

Damn. I missed all the anti-faggotry.

2017-04-14 23:12:28 UTC  

Lol always plenty to go around

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Faggots are basically biological weapons, Trump should bomb coastal faggot clubs with tomahawks.

2017-04-14 23:59:01 UTC  

Average alt righter