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MACrusader 2017-12-24 02:20:38

Or ............... hes a fag

MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:20:42

he has physical cowardice, it took a bunch of TWP guys from basically beating Damigo into a coma when he disrespected them at a nationalist gathering

Odalman 2017-12-24 02:20:43


MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:21:01

*from skins

MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:21:14

He literally picked an optics fight with skinheads at their event, he was paid to go to

MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:21:21

And we saved his ass

Odalman 2017-12-24 02:21:21


MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:21:32

I should have let them boot party his stupid ass

Fevs 2017-12-24 02:21:46

Hindsight is 20/20

Odalman 2017-12-24 02:21:49

I'd rather march with NSM than IE anyday.

Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe 2017-12-24 02:21:51

I understand he kicked out Orry (NC IE leader) for being NS too

Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe 2017-12-24 02:22:03

Orry's a great guy, I don't know if you've met him

MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:22:18

yeah, its just gay shit. Before IE went totally gay id been to a few of their get-togethers, those dudes roman salute more than us

MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:22:25

i hate clever nazis

Odalman 2017-12-24 02:23:22

'eh I think their necessary in redpilling normies but yeah I find them annoying. I also don't think they really need to counter-signal us.

Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe 2017-12-24 02:23:40

Does Spencer still own the LLC?

Odalman 2017-12-24 02:23:43

You can red pill normies without counter-signaling us.

MACrusader 2017-12-24 02:23:55

Was that the Hammerskin fest last year in Georgia ?

Fevs 2017-12-24 02:23:56

@MatthewHeimbach You were at that party after cville 1 right?

MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:24:08

nah different skin gathering. @Odalman

Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe 2017-12-24 02:24:10

@Odalman 4chan redpilled the most people and it never once cared about optics

MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:24:11

out in CA

Fevs 2017-12-24 02:24:14

IE guys literally getting the cops called on us because we were saluting too loud

MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:24:18

and yea, i was @Fevs

MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:24:31

I literally walked in to everyone, IE included, going "WHITE POWER!!!!"

MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:24:35


MACrusader 2017-12-24 02:25:00


Odalman 2017-12-24 02:25:13

I don't know how to attract normies. I haven't been satisfied with everyday society for a decade or more.

Fevs 2017-12-24 02:25:33

The members of IE are still /ourguys/, the leadership just thinks if you don't call yourself a Nazi the media won't either

Odalman 2017-12-24 02:25:33

If you don't like truth then fuck off.

Fevs 2017-12-24 02:25:34


MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:25:55

do normies even exist? I mean like actually, in any mass numbers

MACrusader 2017-12-24 02:26:05

Dont they dox people who try and leave now

MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:26:07

its like we're in the soviet union and everyone knows the talking points they HAVE to say to keep a job, etc

MACrusader 2017-12-24 02:26:10


MatthewHeimbach 2017-12-24 02:26:12

and yeah, theyve done gay shit

Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe 2017-12-24 02:26:15

>normies don't exist

Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe 2017-12-24 02:26:21

>what are boomers

Fevs 2017-12-24 02:26:32

Boomers won't exist for much longer <:fascistpepe:374715716626022430>

Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe 2017-12-24 02:26:36