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2017-11-27 05:04:08 UTC  

How is the richest company in the world communist how does that work

2017-11-27 05:17:20 UTC  

Communism is just capitalist exploitation by other means

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corporatism ftw

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I got something

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Hey Matt

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Ordodox BTFO

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Also here is this

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Thanks Capitalist Kikes 👿

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As well as Marxist Yids.

2017-11-27 11:15:47 UTC  

White sharia when

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European Traditionalism > White Sharia

2017-11-27 14:53:19 UTC  

White European Ethnostates Now

2017-11-27 14:54:00 UTC  

They can keep their semite culture. Ours is better.

2017-11-27 15:16:06 UTC  

But we need to do something.

2017-11-27 15:16:26 UTC  

***A. Wyatt Mann Intensifies***

2017-11-27 15:22:12 UTC  

@ghostofthevolk * White ***JIHAD*** when?

2017-11-27 15:25:09 UTC  

@FashyGoy1488 Well and I mean "White Jihad" much like that guy means "White Sharia". Just a meme bro.

2017-11-27 17:09:22 UTC  

It's not tho

2017-11-27 17:10:06 UTC  

It IS a white holy war

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The heart is in the right place. That's what matters. Call it what you will. I personally don't want to adapt the names of semite cultures into my own.

2017-11-27 17:50:33 UTC  

We need a far right nasheed.

2017-11-27 17:51:41 UTC  

For the sake of our God(s) we will march to the gates, of the paradise where salvation awaits. We are men that love death just as you love your life, we're crusaders that fight in the day and the night.

2017-11-27 18:18:21 UTC  

That is badass but not a copy of the nasheed I wanted lol.

2017-11-27 18:39:31 UTC  

>mfw I look at my payroll sheet

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Meme magick is real

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So according to a certain *chan, not only is Heimbach the most obvious fed shill in decades but our own dear @Tony Hovater is Jewish. It's really quite hilarious, some of the stuff these people come up with.

2017-11-27 20:16:53 UTC  

I just count this as further butthurt from the NYT interview piece.

2017-11-27 20:17:12 UTC  

Clearly he is. Didn't you guys also hear Hitler was controlled op too? Who else would send millions of Germans to their deaths?