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I know. Breaks my heart.

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Im about to leave for 3 weeks for work but if anything gets planned for TX proceeding that, Im in. Rally-wise

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Im upset

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Me too.

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Doesnt matter if hes white

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I get mad at every attack. But when there are children involved, it kills me.

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The pastors daughter. Jesus.

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I doubt very much that he is White. Coulter's Law.

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Yeah, apparently the Pastor was out today. I can't imagine how terrible he must feel. Losing his daughter, but then on top of that you know he feels tormented for not being there

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I held the protest at Antioch church with the sign, on the sunday servive.

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I told them this would keep happening.

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Survivors guilt

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They called the cops on me and calledm e racist.

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Poor man

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The ones I'm most sickened by are the misanthropic ones. Like Lanza or (perhaps) Paddock.

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Just because you reject life doesn't mean you should force that choice on others, guy.

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This really has me upset.

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I know as a sort of blogger and social media whore, I really need to stay on top of it and be ready to spin narratives. But I really just like to sit and patiently wait until we have enough facts before we get all political about it.

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My poor son is going to have to deal with me force cuddling him while I rage about this when I get home.

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I agree but the key is that it hasn't been called a black church yet. So at the very least we know the victims

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I learned my lesson back about a decade ago when there was a terrorist attack in Norway and I spent hours railing against Islamic radicals.

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Ya at this point its a blatant attack on the Faith and followers, even without any other aims yet

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Yeah, I don't say anything about it other than asking for sources when people say it's a White male. When it comes out that they are a Peaceful Muslim I push the message hard.

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I learned from watching liberals scream White Male while I make mental notes of all their tags so I can go remind them how wrong they were.

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I don't want that person to be me lol

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"Like some blonde Norwegian nationalist dude is just going to put on a frog suit and systematically shoot dozens and dozens of kids."

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* gulp *

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The enemy is deseperate for it to be whites.

What they dont realize is while we assume it isnt... If it is, we wpuld persecute that person even harsher

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Yeah. I don't get so pro-white that I don't enjoy a good dose of in-group virtue spiraling against whites who do despicable shit.

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I ain't playing that OJ bullshit.

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I mean, Breivik's sort of a different case, but better not to get into all that.

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I agree. They can hop in the ovens with the rest of them.

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Self-hating whites are at the top of the list, after all

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Self hating or not.. This had an angle

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The problem with white people is we only truly enjoy competing against one another.

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>Not playing Medieval 2 or Shogun 2