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2017-05-24 02:39:21 UTC  

hence the back and forth within the Central Committee on songs

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2017-05-24 02:39:35 UTC  

tell the media

2017-05-24 02:39:38 UTC  

we have a list of our anthemns

2017-05-24 02:39:47 UTC  

end up sending them moonman albums

2017-05-24 02:39:53 UTC  

Lol 😂

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2017-05-24 02:43:06 UTC  

But to everyone, ideas for Party songs, i want the input

2017-05-24 02:43:14 UTC  

singing at rallies, meetings, etc, is hugely important

2017-05-24 02:43:47 UTC  

Yes. Completely agree. Raises Morale.

2017-05-24 02:44:23 UTC  

Paddy may be a good person to consult.

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2017-05-24 02:45:28 UTC  

paddy is one the anthem team, for lack of a better term

2017-05-24 02:45:54 UTC  

I'll go with his judgement.

2017-05-24 02:46:07 UTC  

Music man I am not

2017-05-24 02:46:08 UTC  

Same 👌

2017-05-24 02:46:21 UTC  

Same here as well.

2017-05-24 02:47:43 UTC  

Yeah, yall will hear me sing at an event eventually, and i apologize in advance

2017-05-24 02:47:47 UTC  

musically inclined i am not

2017-05-24 02:48:15 UTC  

I'm actually a musician. Can't wait to get the song book!

2017-05-24 02:48:32 UTC  

Oh fantastic! Well we need to connect you with Paddy then for sure

2017-05-24 02:54:30 UTC  

Wouldn't mind helping out, or at least learning the songs.

2017-05-24 02:58:14 UTC  

excellent, thatll be fun

2017-05-24 03:03:32 UTC  

@Kombat-Unit @dd✳555 just found a 1958 1st edition Savitri Devi lightning & the Sun... they want 500$ 😣

2017-05-24 03:04:16 UTC  

I think I saw that on eBay today, actually. Is that the one?

2017-05-24 03:04:39 UTC  

Yeah... I can't bring myself to do it, but I want to

2017-05-24 03:04:40 UTC  

If you can deal with net, is invaluable

2017-05-24 03:05:08 UTC  

No i have it & Have read it, but I'm kind of a book collector

2017-05-24 03:05:12 UTC  

I read it already, but would be nice to have a first edition. I collect books.

2017-05-24 03:06:36 UTC  

I'm still thinking about it, if it was in a little better shape it would be easier

2017-05-24 03:07:50 UTC  

Yeah, books are the one thing I don't get buyer's remorse over. Still, that's out of my price range right now.

2017-05-24 03:07:58 UTC  

I mean how often does a 1st even come up?

2017-05-24 03:08:17 UTC  

I would assume it's a rare find.

2017-05-24 03:08:36 UTC  

Dont forget that For My Legionaries by Codreanu has a new edition that is pretty stunning, for those on thel ookout for good fascist material to read

2017-05-24 03:09:08 UTC  

I love that book so much.

2017-05-24 03:09:13 UTC  

Still need to read that

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2017-05-24 03:09:20 UTC  

Is the new edition a new translation?