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2017-11-30 01:50:11 UTC  

They support American Nationalism, guys

2017-11-30 01:50:19 UTC  

"If Petrograd (Pietrograd) does not yet fall, if [General] Denikin is not moving forward, then this is what the great Jewish bankers of London and New York have decreed. These bankers are bound by ties of blood to those Jews who in Moscow as in Budapest are taking their revenge on the Aryan race that has condemned them to dispersion for so many centuries. In Russia, 80 percent of the managers of the Soviets are Jews, in Budapest 17 out of 22 people's commissars are Jews. Might it not be that bolshevism is the vendetta of Judaism against Christianity?? It is certainly worth pondering. It is entirely possible that bolshevism will drown in the blood of a pogrom of catastrophic proportions. World finance is in the hands of the Jews. Whoever owns the strongboxes of the peoples is in control of their political systems. Behind the puppets (making peace) in Paris, there are the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Schiffs, the Guggenheims who are of the same blood who are conquering Petrograd and Budapest. Race does not betray race....Bolshevism is a defense of the international plutocracy. This is the basic truth of the matter. The international plutocracy dominated and controlled by Jews has a supreme interest in all of Russian life accelerating its process of disintegration to the point of paroxysm. A Russia that is paralyzed, disorganized, starved, will be a place where tomorrow the bourgeoisie, yes the bourgeoisie, o proletarians will celebrate its spectacular feast of plenty." - Mussolini, 1919

2017-11-30 01:50:23 UTC  

Fascists who are "totally not racist?" What's even the point?

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we need to hook them up with PatFag
A match made in heaven

2017-11-30 01:51:04 UTC  

@brig Isn't it blatantly obvious? Optics.

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Black men say fuck trump then attack white man for no reason, sucker punching him the face, Austin Police listed the incident as assault with injury not a hate crime

2017-11-30 02:04:21 UTC  

@Spiritchef that's the place that fired Tony?

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I suddenly just realized I had a one star experience there. Better go rate them.

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I have multi personality disorder and all 4 of my personalities and their google accounts also recall a bad experience

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If they say otherwise they are ableist and oppressing you, and are racist.

2017-11-30 02:09:22 UTC  

Mine too @Spiritchef My personalities are enraged.

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Can anyone contact Matt H or Matt P and have them call in to The Right Voice for an update on the party, & etc.

2017-11-30 02:18:48 UTC  

@Æthelwulf Hunter you can do it like this

2017-11-30 02:19:08 UTC  

lol wrong hunter

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@Hunter.S.Rabbit Tell Parrott you'll give him a cheeseburger.

2017-11-30 02:19:59 UTC  

@parrott @MatthewHeimbach Call in to The Right Voice and give us an update on the party activities, and etc.

2017-11-30 02:20:52 UTC  

@parrott Ya your name is funny but I will hire a fat toothless black whore to give you a gummy Beejer

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Wordy reviews are ideal, but make sure connotations to keywords makes them standout in search engines or featured reviews.

2017-11-30 02:24:24 UTC  

"Pizza, burger, beer, Menu, Food, Service"

2017-11-30 02:27:07 UTC  

I would, but I'm on baby duty.

2017-11-30 02:27:30 UTC  

Plan ahead a little bit and I'll gladly make an appearance.

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2017-11-30 02:30:47 UTC  

will do next time

2017-11-30 02:31:33 UTC  

BTW we're on late, Matt so if the kids go to bed early, please consider calling in

2017-11-30 02:32:09 UTC  

Kids? Going to bed early? What is this wizardry

2017-11-30 02:32:52 UTC  

Proper training makes them do it, along with occasional beatings

2017-11-30 02:37:58 UTC  

She's less than a week old, so we haven't achieved a lot of the discipline and training that I expect and demand out of my children.

2017-11-30 03:03:58 UTC  

(Far Right) "Ese we are tha master race now huh"

2017-11-30 03:04:50 UTC  

based Classical Fascists.

2017-11-30 03:06:43 UTC  

Guy in the middle looks like a teenage enoch

2017-11-30 03:07:56 UTC  

I just choked on my own spit

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why doesn't Patriot Front use those kinds of aesthetics?

2017-11-30 03:26:22 UTC  

Might scare off the normies