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America was built by satanists, the jews are satanists, they all must die

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Capitalism isn't pure free enterprise

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Its the hardest pill to swallow

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The blackest of the black

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Free Enterprise can exist under Nationalism Socialism

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The purple pill

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Fascism is the state disciplining the economy to the needs of the nation.
Liberalism is the state disciplining the nation to the needs of the economy.

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Masonry loves purple

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^ this nigga knows what's up

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Gas the luciferians

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Fascism... Many benefit at the expense of one

Communism... One is given the illusion of benefit at the expense of many

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@parrott I'm saving that

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I think it's ripped off from Mussolini. I don't quite recall.

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I'm sure there's a sperg in here spergy enough to nail down the original quote and context.

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@Fevs I guess I look at Luciferianism different than Masonic Judaism or Enlightenment lol But I get you

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I've never found a more concise or predictive definition.

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The Masons worship Lucifer

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On TRS they broke down the differences of Fascism and NS and the differences Hitler and Il Duce gave them also

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I dont see Lucifer as Satan or The Devil in the same context. Its alot to go into I guess

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Which epi @AltCelt(IL)

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Ah okay yeah, I'm still learning anyway

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Anything which involves secret combinations and initiatic degrees is guaranteed to become corrupted at this stage in the kali yuga. And all secret combinations are to be distrusted and avoided to the same extent one distrusts Jews, they're more than likely being steered by them from the top.

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@goygicy it was in the comments somewhere

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Lucifer is Satan but with the "positive" aspects emphasized... or something like that
Which is why Masonry isn't as overtly horrible as some of our other enemies

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That's a plague in nationalism, the myth that there's some secretive cabal of based insiders with big money that you can plug into and save the white race. It's always a scam, a hustle, or worse.

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@ArmaVirumqueCano I'm from New Hampshire nigga

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@barbarian Don't be a homo

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New AnCapshire

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I believe in initiates in the sense of a Warrior class or royal leadership or rank I guess. But with heavy spiritual aspects still.

But... Yes... The concepts have been heavily corrupted for so long

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Homosexuals who attempt to join end up in the sinkholes behind my house.

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I'm in upstate NY, near VT @TLC

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I'm not even sure what a bog is, ecologically, and have no idea where to find one.

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Btw thanks for squaring my funds away, @parrott.

U da mang

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suck on my right nipple hair

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A homosexual runs our website?

2017-12-06 02:30:42 UTC