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2018-02-08 19:30:28 UTC  

I hope everything works out for everyone involved

2018-02-08 19:32:50 UTC  

i've spent HOURS reviewing footage from garage and the march into the park

2018-02-08 19:33:13 UTC  

I did not see any footage that showed illegal things

2018-02-08 19:33:34 UTC  

Doesn't matter

2018-02-08 19:33:37 UTC  

Lol laws don't exist when the government wants to get you

2018-02-08 19:33:41 UTC  

a Grand Jury will indict a ham sandwich

2018-02-08 19:33:52 UTC  

Your rights are a joke to feds

2018-02-08 19:35:22 UTC  

No you can't invoke 5th amendment. You are givin immunity when you are subpoenaed as a state's witness. Thus you are not testifying against yourself which is what 5th amendment protects you from. You have to answer the questions or you can be held in contempt of court for months at a time. If you lie, that's perjury. In my case they did this to me in gainsville Florida. Although my memory was very bad that day and I could not recall any answers to there questions. It all seems to have slipped my mind. This is a tactic they use to gain a monopoly of witnesses for the state. They will cross examen any witness they find out to be favoring the defendant.

2018-02-08 19:37:32 UTC  

This is a federal indictment. And the only people guilty of federal crimes would be police and city officials. Let's hope that's what it's for.

2018-02-08 19:37:52 UTC  

I wonder what the subpoena is for...

2018-02-08 19:38:33 UTC  

I wonder if he is testifying as to the race of Wes Bellamy @Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe

2018-02-08 19:38:55 UTC  

I know that's a question a LOT of people are asking

2018-02-08 19:39:26 UTC  

My instinct says he is Maori

2018-02-08 19:39:45 UTC  

But in all seriousness, what do you think it is?

2018-02-08 19:40:13 UTC  

Hate crimes or terrorism fall under federal prosecution

2018-02-08 19:40:27 UTC  

I have no idea man. No doubt the guys being subpeonad are limited in what they are able to say publicly about it

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2018-02-08 19:40:51 UTC  

I can't imagine johan being guilty of a federal crime.

2018-02-08 19:41:24 UTC  

Wait Johan is Nigel Kofta on Facebook? I thought he was just Johan

2018-02-08 19:41:39 UTC  

I thought johan said something about getting subpoena'd

2018-02-08 19:41:40 UTC  

The only ones guilty of that would be city officials, police, or anti-white terrorists

2018-02-08 19:41:42 UTC  

I came in late sorry

2018-02-08 19:41:57 UTC  

There's a guy in the DSBC for SC that got served as well

2018-02-08 19:42:05 UTC  


2018-02-08 19:42:10 UTC  

Book clubs

2018-02-08 19:42:13 UTC  

oh duh

2018-02-08 19:42:44 UTC  

Is this perhaps a new push to try and get more people locked up

2018-02-08 19:43:29 UTC  

5 months later to bring up charges seems shaky at best

2018-02-08 19:43:46 UTC  

Fuck these Jews, man.

2018-02-08 19:44:06 UTC  

@FashyGoy1488 that's my take

2018-02-08 19:46:24 UTC  

Hell these rats would try to get us thrown in Federal prison for parking on the wrong side of the street

2018-02-08 19:46:51 UTC  

If I've been doxxed but haven't committed any crimes am I likely to be subpoenaed?

2018-02-08 19:46:59 UTC  

If your memory is hazy and you can't recall details of the day, that is not uncommon when grand juried.

2018-02-08 19:47:37 UTC  

If they're charging city officials or cops though, I remember a lot.

2018-02-08 19:47:42 UTC  

In theory.

2018-02-08 19:48:16 UTC  

I mean it's February now

2018-02-08 19:48:27 UTC  

I hardly remember anything about that whole weekend

2018-02-08 19:48:58 UTC  

All I know is I don't think I'll be going back to fucking Virginia

2018-02-08 19:51:05 UTC  

I want to go back 😦

2018-02-08 19:51:22 UTC  

The only good thing about that state is 5 dollars packs of smokes

2018-02-08 19:51:26 UTC  

And I quit smoking