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Well, what kind of marriage are we talking about? I don't necessarily care if it's the legally binding form of marriage we currently have, something like a common law marriage is fine in my book if you don't want to open yourself to as much risk. It's still a marriage in my eyes despite not being sanctioned by the state.

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I'm fine with that, but many would not consider that a "real" marriage.

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Well, that's how they had been prior to the government getting involved in the last century or so as I recall

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Lemme ask you brothers a question

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Couldn't say, here the wedding ceremony was made mandatory for the marriage to be recognized in 1612.

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I was talking more about the state license part

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Innocentius IV recognized pagan marriages though provided the couples converted to christianity afterwards.

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For the US at least, I think that only came about within the last century or so

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Yeah, couldn't tell about your system.

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Ok my question sry

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So your normie friend you start to red pill her and she starts fucking you because your an alpha facist and he's a cuck who hasn't hit it in 9 months are you a degenerate

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Asking for a friend

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A bit, yeah.

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You can try to justify it however you want, but cuckolding guys isn't a good thing, nor is casual sex.

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I feel a few sentences got mashed into one there.

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It did your normie finds wife

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Jesus christ man

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Super feminine closet case fag

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If the relationship is as bad as you make it out to be, they'll break up eventually. Go after her then.

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How does not hitting it for 9 months in a marriage work.

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Got heart probs and she takes care of him if she leaves he will kill himself already tried

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That's what I'm saying

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Physical condition?

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She's SMOKING!!!! hot too

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Maybe you ought to help your friend then, rather than fucking his wife

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Try to help him see the error of his ways, fix his marriage etc

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Everyone hits on her I'm in disbelief I'm hitting it to tell you the truth

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I've tried he's mentally ill bipolar depressive who changes no matter who he's with

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I'd find something else to hit tbh

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Well, then that's a fucked up situation with no easy solution, but I don't think nailing his wife is helping anything.

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I felt guilty at first but man's not being a man he's on fed aid and she works

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If you're asking us you probably feel bad about it already and know it's the wrong thing to do, you ought to just stop before it goes much further

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I'm a bit of a dick but I wouldn't fuck a friend's gf or wife, especially if he's got some mental condition. It's just not cool.

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Well I know from a nationalist point of view it is but a bunch of my WN brother have been saying don't worry bout it

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From just normal human point of view.

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I was just about to say that, yeah

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When I day freind it's a loose term