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Mr Heimbach did post an official uniform here like 2 weeks ago

2017-11-01 22:59:57 UTC  

Some guys didn't have ties.

2017-11-01 22:59:58 UTC  

Yeah and it's on the website @HueTheHand

2017-11-01 23:00:08 UTC  

Maybe no stahlhelms.

2017-11-01 23:00:17 UTC  

I didn't have my uniform in time for sville because poorfag

2017-11-01 23:00:22 UTC  

Try to look like Nordfront but in all black and in America.

2017-11-01 23:00:23 UTC  

But I'll 100% have it for the next time

2017-11-01 23:00:25 UTC  

We're not going to have another demonstration until next fall

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2017-11-01 23:00:36 UTC  

Next fall?

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2017-11-01 23:00:37 UTC  

The last one didn't get to much attention

2017-11-01 23:00:39 UTC  

Nigga what

2017-11-01 23:00:43 UTC  

That's an entire year

2017-11-01 23:00:45 UTC  

That is from what I heard.

2017-11-01 23:00:49 UTC  

Yeah. Come on now.

2017-11-01 23:00:51 UTC  

Fall thought it was till the spring

2017-11-01 23:00:52 UTC  

The opiate event.

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2017-11-01 23:00:57 UTC  

We didn't do that yet.

2017-11-01 23:00:57 UTC  

lmao wait

2017-11-01 23:01:00 UTC  

I mean spring

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2017-11-01 23:01:10 UTC  

Somebody else did that exact same thing

2017-11-01 23:01:15 UTC  

Like 30 minutes ago

2017-11-01 23:01:15 UTC  

But during the winter there may be some flash event s

2017-11-01 23:01:27 UTC  

Oh ye that would be fine I guess IDK

2017-11-01 23:01:34 UTC  

Is the opiate event already being planned?

2017-11-01 23:01:36 UTC  

I say we gotta do the vigil.

2017-11-01 23:01:39 UTC  

Eh, maybe I take it to heart too much. The thing is I just don't really care about about these people. I know younger guys like these people but Weev, AA and the so called "OpticCucks" aren't nearly as important as you'd think. They just don't matter that much.

2017-11-01 23:01:40 UTC  

I have no say in that, I got no idea.

2017-11-01 23:01:41 UTC  

A flash vigil. Just TWP

2017-11-01 23:02:18 UTC  

TWP Optics are fine, I personally think if we get more strict on the media comign it'll be better.

2017-11-01 23:02:25 UTC  

@MadKicker Agreed, at the end of the day the important people are those of us who are willing to do something off the internet

2017-11-01 23:02:53 UTC  

We need to do TWP Christmas caroling

2017-11-01 23:02:54 UTC  

Plus if anyone and everyone keeps slinging shit on the OpticCucks it just drags this stupid infighting bullshit out.

2017-11-01 23:02:56 UTC  

The NSM Question... The Klan Question...

2017-11-01 23:03:08 UTC  

A group wasiling in uniform

2017-11-01 23:03:10 UTC  

That bar fight would not have happened if there was no NSM guy with us.