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There was a time when they did keep it hidden, and took wives and fathered white children

2017-11-01 21:26:41 UTC  

@Jones Malone

True. I should have iterated that I am not saying we should destroy someone for simply struggling with the Passion of homosexuality. One of my favorite modern Theologians was a former queer, who went into Monasticism to overcome said sin. All I am saying is that a lot of people I know are like : "whatever a man does in his bedroom is between him and God". This line of thinking is a product of modernism and our perverted individualistic mindset. A community must uphold Christian morals and Law; St John makes this very clear:

Now that I am looking over your other comments, I see that you aren't really taking the individualist stance, but simply saying queers need to remain beyond hidden. I can see said logic, although I am of the opinion that said queers need to come out and recognize that their sin is a sickness, and seek help for it (otherwise it will only fester and spread).

2017-11-01 21:32:52 UTC  

Saying queers need to remain hidden vs seeking help, is like saying a leper needs to hide his sores from everyone and pretend to be healthy. If a leper refuses treatment, then his disease will only spread to the community. The same applies to queers, imo.

2017-11-01 21:33:28 UTC  

you can stay hidden and seek help. Doctors have confidentiality

2017-11-01 21:34:46 UTC  

This is true.

Priests have the same level of confidentiality, if not more. So long as homos are seeking "treatment", and not acting on their sin, then I am fine with them remaining in our socierty.

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We should be working towards a cure for it for those seeking treatment in our ethnostate

2017-11-01 21:36:07 UTC  

Christ and the Intercessions of the Saints have been the Traditional treatment.

Monasticism was heavily used on homos, too.

2017-11-01 21:36:15 UTC  

Some people say it has something to do with all the soy people are using and the estrogen in a lot of consumer products

2017-11-01 21:36:23 UTC  

Yes we should. The existing options aren't great. The only reason some states are able to ban conversion therapy is because the studies show that the current form usually doesn't work

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Soy definitely lowers your testosterone.

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I've seen reports that even large amounts of dairy can give your body a large amount of estrogen though

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Which sucks because milk is life

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so does beer

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NOOOOOOOO. Don't black-pill me on beer and dairy.

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In traditional European diet they stop drinking milk after child hood and only have cheeses

2017-11-01 21:37:54 UTC  

I'm destined to be a low T soyboy

2017-11-01 21:38:01 UTC  

I must end myself for the good of eugenics

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i grow soybeans for soyboys

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I have been thinking to trying to go to a Nordic or Traditional Meditation diet

2017-11-01 21:39:17 UTC  

muh edamame though

2017-11-01 21:39:56 UTC  

Mediterranean diet is one of the best.

So is the traditional Japanese diet.

2017-11-01 21:44:02 UTC  

I try to consume olive oil on a daily basis.

It's also really good to consume a small amount of apple cider vinegar daily, as well.

2017-11-01 21:44:49 UTC  

Isn't that appropriating nonwhite culture though

2017-11-01 21:45:18 UTC  

Whites are obviously superior to mediterraneans, we must have more healthy diets

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usually I just eat whatever Im craving

2017-11-01 21:46:04 UTC  

You consider "whites" and Mediterraneans to be different?

2017-11-01 21:46:39 UTC  

I'd say 80-90% of people on here have Mediterranean heritage...I know I do.

2017-11-01 21:46:52 UTC  

what the fuck is mediterranean anyway

2017-11-01 21:47:08 UTC  

Southern French, Italian, Greek, etc.

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I'm either welsh or scottish

2017-11-01 21:50:29 UTC  

I'm predominantly: Welsh, Southern French, and Irish. I have some Spanish and Italian, as well.

My cousin was a general in the Italian Army during WW2, so I have a lot of pride in my Med heritage.

2017-11-01 21:51:26 UTC  

@Fevs so you are one of those people that don’t believe us Iberians are whit ...

2017-11-01 21:52:39 UTC  

Sorry to burst your bubble but the Iberian tribes are of Celtic and Germanic makeup

2017-11-01 21:53:30 UTC  

Whites aren’t only the Bavarian phenotype

2017-11-01 21:53:46 UTC  

What's next are you going to try and say (((anglos))) are white? pfft

2017-11-01 21:53:52 UTC  

Heck, the Celts were pretty dark people.

Look at the Welsh.