Message from fassel in tradworker #tradworker

2017-11-22 20:23:39 UTC  

I have that same Hitler banner @fassel

2017-11-22 20:25:18 UTC  

Its a good'un

2017-11-22 20:28:57 UTC  

I've got room for comfortably one flag more and I've been furiously trying to decide what to get.

2017-11-22 20:29:42 UTC  

Im still lacking a twp flag

2017-11-22 20:31:30 UTC  

I gave my dont tread on me flag to a normie friend lol cause fuck that shit

2017-11-22 20:31:55 UTC  

Gadsen is so basic.

2017-11-22 20:31:59 UTC  

also libertarian

2017-11-22 20:32:01 UTC  

@Kombat-Unit Rhodesian

2017-11-22 20:32:09 UTC  

International symbol for race war

2017-11-22 20:32:29 UTC

2017-11-22 20:32:29 UTC  

Either a Tyr flag or Black Sun from, I've been thinking, since a friend of mine wants the black sun as well.

2017-11-22 20:33:10 UTC  

I almost feel like a normie for flying the rebel flag sometimes. I want a third national aka "the white mans flag"

2017-11-22 20:34:30 UTC  

Yeah man, feel known, 100%.

2017-11-22 20:34:38 UTC  

Need something cooler, more rare and personal.

2017-11-22 20:35:24 UTC  

Wait... is the stainless banner the second or third national..? I think the bloody banner is third and the stainless or "white mans flag" is second

2017-11-22 20:36:09 UTC  

I don't know anything about US flags.

2017-11-22 20:36:13 UTC  

Guess i could google it. Its been a while

2017-11-22 20:36:14 UTC  
2017-11-22 20:38:09 UTC  

Second national flag aka stainless banner aka the white mans flag

2017-11-22 20:39:25 UTC  

Third national is the same but with a red stripe for the blood spilt in the war of northern aggression. The white field represents an all white nation

2017-11-22 20:39:57 UTC  

Based confederates

2017-11-22 20:39:59 UTC  


2017-11-22 20:41:06 UTC

I'd love to have this flag, but I'd have to custom order it and would cost $$$.

2017-11-22 20:43:23 UTC  

Holy shit that's pretty badass

2017-11-22 20:43:39 UTC  

Get it custom made

2017-11-22 20:43:46 UTC  

Should just be a couple hundred

2017-11-22 20:45:25 UTC  

@Spiritchef Yeah, that's the one they used in SS oath ceremonies. Would be fucking dope.

2017-11-22 20:55:29 UTC  

I have that flag from MZ.

2017-11-22 20:55:54 UTC

2017-11-22 20:56:03 UTC  

I fucking hate intellectuals

2017-11-22 20:59:25 UTC  


2017-11-22 21:05:39 UTC  


Contact @Major (AL)

He is over the State of Alabama.

2017-11-22 21:11:14 UTC  

My Flags >

2017-11-22 21:12:50 UTC  

Shout outs to Dallas Fort Worth Antifa for making me look pretty badass.

2017-11-22 21:13:07 UTC  

fuck a doxx

2017-11-22 21:13:13 UTC  

He’ll yeah

2017-11-22 21:13:39 UTC  

how are you goys this afternoon?

2017-11-22 21:14:47 UTC  

Fine, great, came a few hours ago from spreading propaganda, now just eating and chilling, didn't really have time to eat after work. You?`

2017-11-22 21:15:42 UTC  

Back to reddit with ye

2017-11-22 21:15:44 UTC  

I know many girls who would be jealous of such flowing and healthy hair as you have in the dox 😂

2017-11-22 21:21:09 UTC