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2017-05-08 13:38:41 UTC  

I had a conversation with my sister about jews yesterday, typically brainwashed

2017-05-08 13:39:08 UTC  

Lol. Sounds like mine.

2017-05-08 13:39:45 UTC  

Yeah she is a lost cause

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2017-05-08 13:48:29 UTC  

@tom (twp) Same w/ mine 😖

2017-05-08 13:50:59 UTC  

If you start a chapter, I'm in if you want to dm about it.

I'm in MD

2017-05-08 15:13:52 UTC  

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

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2017-05-08 17:58:10 UTC  

I'll let you know. Haven't heard back from @parrott yet.

2017-05-08 18:04:34 UTC  

Yea. He's probably busy

2017-05-08 18:25:55 UTC  

Sounds good

2017-05-08 23:11:03 UTC  

freaking brilliant

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2017-05-08 23:27:52 UTC  

Trump is pretty much their guy so...?

2017-05-08 23:29:42 UTC  

No wall. Anchor babies allowed. No travel ban. 900 migrants per week til september. Warring with anti-ISIS, "Fascist" regimes, Giving more excuses for "refugees" to invade.

2017-05-08 23:30:06 UTC  

Asian History Month

2017-05-08 23:30:14 UTC  

Holocaust Remembrance

2017-05-08 23:30:21 UTC  

Jewish Heritage Month

2017-05-08 23:31:34 UTC  

Dear lord 👿

2017-05-08 23:32:49 UTC  

Im curious to know where they oppose him at this point...

Oh.. Could it be him fueling the Capitalist fires? Oh, Im sure. But their social justice issues would conflict with fixing the real issues.........

2017-05-08 23:42:58 UTC  

I don't think they even know what they're opposing. It's just mass hysteria at this point. Still, a bunch of leftists high on tranny hormones and carrying guns sounds a little dangerous, no? Their militia "training video" I watched showed how clueless and inexperienced they are with firearms.

2017-05-08 23:43:34 UTC  

But the troll/satire videos are indistinguishable from their real propaganda at this point.

2017-05-09 00:00:49 UTC  

Who all works out?

2017-05-09 00:00:59 UTC  

I do

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2017-05-09 00:01:12 UTC  

And I dry fire practice w/ my AR

2017-05-09 00:01:26 UTC  

I ran hard for 20 minutes straight and still can't reach my target heart rate

2017-05-09 00:01:41 UTC  

Don't crystallize your firing pin lol

2017-05-09 00:01:41 UTC  

Oh. Im not great at cardio lol

2017-05-09 00:02:40 UTC  

I dont do it too much.

2017-05-09 00:02:46 UTC  

I don't know if that's good or bad though, it's supposed to be 154, and I can't get past 130

2017-05-09 00:02:53 UTC  

Just once in a while.

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2017-05-09 00:03:11 UTC  

Get some snap caps

2017-05-09 00:03:19 UTC  

Alright. Will do.

2017-05-09 00:04:08 UTC  

@dd✳555 theyre sweating. All they have at this point is the feeble attempt to tell us that we're on the decline and will be obsolete soon lmao

Which, hey.. They could be right. We're on the actual losing side, while theyre the establishment. Trump could very well begin trying to squash us. Or maybe worst case... Lump us together and take us out lmao