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2018-03-21 20:23:56 UTC  

This was the official Legion uniform.

2018-03-21 20:25:58 UTC  

those knickers are pretty 🔥

2018-03-21 20:26:07 UTC  

so that's our new summer uniform?

2018-03-21 20:26:08 UTC  

dig it

2018-03-21 20:26:09 UTC  

They have been blotted out of history so hard, that even dedicated fascists have never heard of them.

2018-03-21 20:26:19 UTC  

They came the closest.

2018-03-21 20:26:26 UTC  

Pelley got over 100,000 votes.

2018-03-21 20:26:35 UTC  

almost 200,000.

2018-03-21 20:27:01 UTC  

Him and the whole group were jailed for conspiracy.

2018-03-21 20:27:20 UTC  

history is wiping shit out

2018-03-21 20:27:25 UTC  

never heard of these guys

2018-03-21 20:27:37 UTC  

me either

2018-03-21 20:27:38 UTC  

The reason why so many votes, the KKK overwhelmingly supported him and they had like 3 million members then.

2018-03-21 20:27:51 UTC  

only early group I know of is the Bund, and they weren't even really NS

2018-03-21 20:28:30 UTC  

Fun fact, if you turn the US fascist in HOI4, Pelley becomes leader.

2018-03-21 20:28:51 UTC

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2018-03-21 20:29:07 UTC  

Fr Charles Coughlin is the US's Fascist Demagogue

2018-03-21 20:29:27 UTC  

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) you wanna play HOI, nibba?

2018-03-21 20:29:38 UTC  

In a bit, maybe.

2018-03-21 20:29:42 UTC  


2018-03-21 20:30:21 UTC  

I seriously want to take my thoughts to Hovater, on following the legions example on the legions version of American NS @Tony H

2018-03-21 20:30:53 UTC  

Whole group arrested and blotched from history, they became a danger.

2018-03-21 20:31:26 UTC  

there could be some good shit in there

2018-03-21 20:32:11 UTC  

The legions flag was pretty simple, just a silver flag with a large fancy red L

2018-03-21 20:32:22 UTC  

Do we know more about their 🅱 olicies?

2018-03-21 20:32:31 UTC  

I will pull some shit up.

2018-03-21 20:33:56 UTC  

The silver shirts were pretty 🅱️ased. I've got a couple people working on something pretty cool at the moment. I'll have something to show you guys later tonight.

2018-03-21 20:34:13 UTC  


2018-03-21 20:34:34 UTC  

Pelley was a interesting man, very occultist, believed in weird things.

2018-03-21 20:34:44 UTC  

Wrote a whole book on a vision from Jesus.

2018-03-21 20:34:48 UTC  

@Tony H I know we lost a lot of people, how can we help?

2018-03-21 20:35:09 UTC  

a lot of the people here seem restless having nothing to do

2018-03-21 20:35:29 UTC  

@PunishedHadrian tell them to impatience is for NIGGERS

2018-03-21 20:35:34 UTC  


2018-03-21 20:35:40 UTC  

If we wanna get this all right, it's going to take a minute lmao

2018-03-21 20:35:46 UTC  

Whites also need something constructive to do to have purpose

2018-03-21 20:36:01 UTC  

Do the same things you were doing before?

2018-03-21 20:36:02 UTC  

I have my GF, but she works half of the day lol

2018-03-21 20:36:10 UTC  

I work half of other days

2018-03-21 20:36:21 UTC