Message from Mai in Nationalist Initiative #general

2018-03-21 18:03:57 UTC  

@Mai gib me ur email so I can send you 200 emails a second xddd

2018-03-21 18:04:05 UTC  

I don't, lost my sock after cville when it had 0 temporary bans prior

2018-03-21 18:04:15 UTC  

never made a new one cause fb is big gay

2018-03-21 18:04:16 UTC  

just everybody add everybody on gab

2018-03-21 18:04:19 UTC  


2018-03-21 18:05:07 UTC  

I'll have to make another gab. I think I have 3

2018-03-21 18:05:11 UTC  


2018-03-21 18:05:33 UTC  

Why so many

2018-03-21 18:06:28 UTC  

Well I made the one, then forgot the info. Made another...forgotten info..then made one the other day, but it's specifically for doxing. Idk why I needed it, but the guy I was doxing with said I did.

2018-03-21 18:06:56 UTC  

But the first 2 I don't need to use anyway, cause it's using the handle that Luke and Shia stalk.

2018-03-21 18:07:18 UTC  

wow kk

2018-03-21 18:08:42 UTC  


2018-03-21 18:08:47 UTC  


2018-03-21 18:08:48 UTC  

no u

2018-03-21 18:09:05 UTC  

I put that bacon there. Created it.

2018-03-21 18:10:11 UTC  

You should probably write down your login info for things if you have a hard time remembering lmao

2018-03-21 18:10:25 UTC  

I have so many.

2018-03-21 18:10:43 UTC  

use a password manager

2018-03-21 18:10:50 UTC  

I use LastPass to keep track of evberything

2018-03-21 18:10:56 UTC  

I do that for my fashy shit because the passwords are unique and a random string of numbers and letters

2018-03-21 18:11:02 UTC  

I get paranoid and change account info every 2 months or so. I don't know why cause I'm doxed anyway. It just makes me feel better.

2018-03-21 18:12:02 UTC  

Oh, and here's a fun fact. I realized the other day that my work email had my name listed as a highly antisemitic name, and I don't remember when I changed it, lol

2018-03-21 18:12:05 UTC  


2018-03-21 18:33:45 UTC  

So we moving to gab now or what? I havent been keeping up with this discord the past few days

2018-03-21 18:34:09 UTC  

we do need to expand our social media presence

2018-03-21 18:35:38 UTC  

I don't think we should move to Gab. I think it'd just be good for us all to have eachother on there so it's easier to regroup if something like this happens again

2018-03-21 18:36:54 UTC  

Oy vey, wont we move to VK, after all we are funded by Putin.

2018-03-21 18:38:58 UTC  

Shit. Whos funded

2018-03-21 18:39:03 UTC  

I need some rubles yesterday

2018-03-21 18:39:23 UTC  

Daddy Putin got us covered.

2018-03-21 18:40:05 UTC  


2018-03-21 18:40:28 UTC  

Oh i see. This is animal farm where the big pigs get it all

2018-03-21 18:40:45 UTC  

😩 🇷🇺 😩

2018-03-21 18:41:03 UTC  

When your girl wants to get you hard, all she has to say is "Crimea is Russian"

2018-03-21 18:45:07 UTC  

>When you discover there is a North Korean armor skin in rust that you can purchase

2018-03-21 18:45:21 UTC  

I wanna buy it for fun, would totally wear it everywhere.

2018-03-21 18:45:37 UTC  

I found it in a PVP 20x server.

2018-03-21 18:47:35 UTC

Here's 2 other secure forms of contacting me y'all can keep handy

2018-03-21 18:47:52 UTC  

PGP key + tutorial for XMPP setup + my XMPP contact

2018-03-21 18:57:10 UTC  

👺 🤛

2018-03-21 18:57:22 UTC  

Punch long noses