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That sounds like some poorfag problems.

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what is hoxhaism

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the greatest ideology ever created praise hoxha

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dindu nuffin wrong

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is it tankie lol

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more stalin than stalin

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it's extremely tankie

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Hoxhaism demarcates itself by a strict defense of the legacy of Joseph Stalin, the organisation of the Soviet Union under Stalin,[2] and fierce criticism of virtually all other communist groupings as "revisionist".

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nuttin wrong

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nice outfit

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i want his hat

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i need a good communist visor

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whoever filmed this is a giant nerd

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Would like it to be a place for theory. <#308995540782284817> and <#308950154222895104> please.

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Hoxhaism is the greatest type of communist thought fam @Blebleh

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@Ica_Sillen#3653 Why is Hoxha a strain exactly?

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I meant as in a type of communist thought

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I don't know much about it. Can you elaborate why it is a strain on communist thought?

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I thought strain meant like a branch on a tree

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Just poor wording

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Last week, I was invited to a hoxhaist-aligned party, but tbh, I don't know much about it

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Why Hoxhaism instead of just Marxism-leninism?

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But, Stalinism doesn't even exist, so what does that mean?

2017-05-20 11:24:03 UTC  

It's basically socialism in one country

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So, marxism-leninism?

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Yeah, I can't find any mayor differences

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Oh, ok

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But it seems to mix maoism in some ways, but besides of that I can't see any mayor difference

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It's funny how western media potrays the DDR as some poverty-ridden hell hole and west germany as some paradise in comparison when it was almost as rich as west germany

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Hoxhaism, isn't a thing as it never caused a real ideological spilt from Marxism-Leninism

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@Chairman Jack It has points against maoism while picking some definitions and Albania was openly state atheist, denounces Cuban and Chinese revisionism

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The trend considers third-worldism revisionist

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Okay and it didn't break from ML thinking

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Pointing out Revisionism isn't a break from basic ML thinking

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I agree.