Message from Deus Volt in Far Right Escape Pod Alpha One #general

2017-05-29 14:43:01 UTC  

A gem

2017-05-29 14:43:13 UTC  

Never saw that before

2017-05-29 14:44:15 UTC  

Okay guys hwut is going on in here

2017-05-29 14:47:06 UTC  

Is there any TWP presence in western New York?

2017-05-29 14:47:33 UTC  

Not for sure.

2017-05-29 14:48:08 UTC  

But that sounds like a good time to start.

That's what I did, I just gathered a few people in my area and was like "LOL FASCIST TIME" and well it works.

2017-05-29 16:42:14 UTC  

I got zucc

2017-05-29 16:42:21 UTC  

For three days

2017-05-29 16:49:11 UTC  

Yeah I keep losing contact with my native ethnonat freind because they keep shuting his accounts down.

2017-05-29 19:04:25 UTC

2017-05-29 19:08:48 UTC  

We support building 'Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park' to remember slavery
Tear down confederate monuments, they remind us of slavery

2017-05-29 19:09:24 UTC  

Makes alot of sense... to a libshit

2017-05-29 19:28:58 UTC  

of courrrssseee

2017-05-30 01:37:06 UTC  

No platform for cucks

2017-05-30 02:31:07 UTC  

Fash the Nation – with McFeels and Halberstram

2017-05-30 02:31:21 UTC  

its back online :D

2017-05-30 15:08:57 UTC  

Hell yeah

2017-05-31 11:03:47 UTC  

All these people talking shit..hahah it makes me lol that non of these people know who Lazia Cus is... If this was an official account it would have over 3 Million Followers instantly. They destroyed my 1k Non official raid group that I have to waste time till I get a new PC:I Well fuck they should try doing that to my 2.9m Internet Clans-Guilds Empire.

2017-05-31 14:29:37 UTC  
2017-05-31 14:29:41 UTC  

it got me

2017-05-31 22:15:25 UTC

2017-05-31 22:15:55 UTC  

hey its me

2017-05-31 22:16:05 UTC  

where you get that

2017-05-31 22:17:21 UTC  

Trs scraper

2017-05-31 22:18:33 UTC  

Drew a pic of you

2017-05-31 22:18:56 UTC  


2017-05-31 22:19:01 UTC  

its very accurate

2017-06-01 12:27:20 UTC  

ut oh guys

2017-06-01 12:27:39 UTC just fired shots at greg Johnson

2017-06-01 12:28:09 UTC  

Hope this doesnt last long

2017-06-01 12:28:15 UTC  

i like both

2017-06-01 16:32:09 UTC  

There is a bunch of infighting flaring up.

2017-06-01 16:32:21 UTC  

Oh shit 👿

2017-06-01 16:32:54 UTC  

I always said it was due to the isolation of the movement, and we're high conflict so as opposed to directing that towards something usefull it is much easier to project it within the movement.

2017-06-01 16:33:21 UTC  

Greg does bitch alot lmao but i mean what ever

2017-06-01 16:33:34 UTC  

IDK Shit about him to be honest.

2017-06-01 16:33:38 UTC  

he makes good shit

2017-06-01 16:33:45 UTC  

so i give it a pass

2017-06-01 16:33:56 UTC  

hes bashed you guys

2017-06-01 16:34:11 UTC  

that article actually degends you guys