Message from Skull in Far Right Escape Pod Alpha One #general

2017-05-29 06:35:55 UTC  

Just would like to own one.

2017-05-29 06:36:25 UTC  

Never heard of them before, pretty interesting though.

2017-05-29 06:40:02 UTC  

They are expensive, don't travel outside of 80-90 (most more like 60) yards. But still awesome.

2017-05-29 06:40:59 UTC  

I only got into it because some normie dropped a safari hunting link.

2017-05-29 06:42:47 UTC  

If I was higher up in the economic hierarchy I'd get one just because of the classification

2017-05-29 13:28:35 UTC  

sup you sexy ass niggas

2017-05-29 14:42:42 UTC

2017-05-29 14:43:01 UTC  

A gem

2017-05-29 14:43:13 UTC  

Never saw that before

2017-05-29 14:44:15 UTC  

Okay guys hwut is going on in here

2017-05-29 14:47:06 UTC  

Is there any TWP presence in western New York?

2017-05-29 14:47:33 UTC  

Not for sure.

2017-05-29 14:48:08 UTC  

But that sounds like a good time to start.

That's what I did, I just gathered a few people in my area and was like "LOL FASCIST TIME" and well it works.

2017-05-29 16:42:14 UTC  

I got zucc

2017-05-29 16:42:21 UTC  

For three days

2017-05-29 16:49:11 UTC  

Yeah I keep losing contact with my native ethnonat freind because they keep shuting his accounts down.

2017-05-29 19:04:25 UTC

2017-05-29 19:08:48 UTC  

We support building 'Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park' to remember slavery
Tear down confederate monuments, they remind us of slavery

2017-05-29 19:09:24 UTC  

Makes alot of sense... to a libshit

2017-05-29 19:28:58 UTC  

of courrrssseee

2017-05-30 01:37:06 UTC  

No platform for cucks

2017-05-30 02:31:07 UTC  

Fash the Nation – with McFeels and Halberstram

2017-05-30 02:31:21 UTC  

its back online :D

2017-05-30 15:08:57 UTC  

Hell yeah

2017-05-31 11:03:47 UTC  

All these people talking shit..hahah it makes me lol that non of these people know who Lazia Cus is... If this was an official account it would have over 3 Million Followers instantly. They destroyed my 1k Non official raid group that I have to waste time till I get a new PC:I Well fuck they should try doing that to my 2.9m Internet Clans-Guilds Empire.

2017-05-31 14:29:37 UTC  
2017-05-31 14:29:41 UTC  

it got me

2017-05-31 22:15:25 UTC

2017-05-31 22:15:55 UTC  

hey its me

2017-05-31 22:16:05 UTC  

where you get that

2017-05-31 22:17:21 UTC  

Trs scraper

2017-05-31 22:18:33 UTC  

Drew a pic of you

2017-05-31 22:18:56 UTC  


2017-05-31 22:19:01 UTC  

its very accurate

2017-06-01 12:27:20 UTC  

ut oh guys

2017-06-01 12:27:39 UTC just fired shots at greg Johnson

2017-06-01 12:28:09 UTC  

Hope this doesnt last long

2017-06-01 12:28:15 UTC  

i like both

2017-06-01 16:32:09 UTC  

There is a bunch of infighting flaring up.

2017-06-01 16:32:21 UTC  

Oh shit 👿