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2018-02-22 19:55:35 UTC  


2018-02-22 19:55:52 UTC  

I once accidentally turned that song on a loop when my phone froze in the army while I had a lady in my barracks room

2018-02-22 19:55:57 UTC  

Listened to it for 3 fucking hours

2018-02-22 19:56:23 UTC  

It's the only country song about reincarnation and spirit cycles I know of.

2018-02-22 19:58:06 UTC  

Outlaw country is good too though

2018-02-22 19:58:15 UTC  

My entire life I thought Janis Joplin did the lyrics for White Rabbit and Somebody to Love

2018-02-22 19:58:22 UTC  

just found out it was some broad named Grace Slick

2018-02-22 19:58:24 UTC  

Waylon Jennings is my role model

2018-02-22 19:58:32 UTC  

Minus the whole being a total junkie thing

2018-02-22 19:59:33 UTC  

I can sing like Craig Morgan.

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2018-02-22 19:59:51 UTC  

I dont know who I sing like

2018-02-22 20:00:07 UTC  

Someone who heard me sing "Confessors Bathrobe" what do I sound like?

2018-02-22 20:00:26 UTC  

This song is pretty neato.

2018-02-22 20:01:00 UTC  

This song is pretty neato too

2018-02-22 20:02:10 UTC  

Another Highwaymen reincarnation song

2018-02-22 20:03:07 UTC  

"We are heroes of the homeland, American remains.
We live in many faces and answer many names.
We will not be forgotten, we won't be left behind.
Our memories live on in mortal minds
And poets pens.
We'll ride again.

2018-02-22 20:03:18 UTC  

TFW the song was about the TWP all along

2018-02-22 20:03:44 UTC  

It even complains about greedy bankers

2018-02-22 20:03:49 UTC  

Yeah dude

2018-02-22 20:03:58 UTC  

"He ain't my friend"

2018-02-22 20:04:09 UTC  

It even mentions our Native allies

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2018-02-22 20:04:30 UTC  

Nature is our mother,
We are sucklins at her breast.
And he who tries to beat her down,
Will lose her to the rest.
They'll never win.

2018-02-22 20:04:34 UTC  

Thats that

2018-02-22 20:04:42 UTC  

American Remains is the official TWP karoaeke song

2018-02-22 20:04:46 UTC  

Looking for the lie

2018-02-22 20:05:27 UTC  

Its all video of factory workers and coal miners and shit

2018-02-22 20:13:57 UTC  

Guys I have an issue

2018-02-22 20:14:07 UTC  

I like this song and band but i hate that they have le 56% in it

2018-02-22 20:33:27 UTC  

So I'm currently writing shit for an NSBM album

2018-02-22 20:34:04 UTC  

@Malal nice

2018-02-22 20:34:44 UTC  

I still need to find and edgey name for my band

2018-02-22 20:34:50 UTC  

And for myself

2018-02-22 20:35:50 UTC  

I think the last name I came up with was either ancestral might or ancestral supremacy