Message from Hadrian in tradworker #find-a-ride

2018-01-12 02:00:16 UTC  

It only takes one

2018-01-12 02:00:33 UTC  

They would have reported it to Discord and got us shut down by now

2018-01-12 02:01:10 UTC  

no, definitely not

2018-01-12 02:01:14 UTC  

They would be moles

2018-01-12 02:01:16 UTC  

My rule of thumb is to be paranoid. I'm gonna move back to general chat

2018-01-12 02:01:30 UTC  

Unicorn Riot lurked in the Anticom server (but never got vetted) for 7 months.

2018-01-12 02:01:43 UTC  

I don't think they're smart enough to be moles

2018-01-12 02:01:54 UTC  

Communists aren't exactly expderts at thinking ahead

2018-01-12 02:01:55 UTC  

Nah, we caught a ton of them in the vetting interview.

2018-01-12 02:02:08 UTC  

They always out themselves when they get excited at the mention of the breadbook.

2018-01-12 02:02:10 UTC  

vetting interview?

2018-01-12 02:02:21 UTC  


2018-01-12 02:02:27 UTC  

Back in Anticom you couldn't join the member chat unless you did a 30-minute voice interview with staff

2018-01-12 02:02:34 UTC  

It's how we avoided getting shut down

2018-01-12 02:02:38 UTC  


2018-01-12 02:02:42 UTC  

And only commies know what the breadbook is

2018-01-12 02:02:46 UTC  

yeah, I wish TWP vetted

2018-01-12 02:02:58 UTC  

We would ask them what it was in a way that made it seem like it was important knowledge to get in

2018-01-12 02:03:09 UTC  

So naturally they'd answer correctly and out themselves as marxists

2018-01-12 02:03:31 UTC  

it is important knowledge

2018-01-12 02:03:42 UTC  

Google says its a favorite among renowned chefs and novice bakers alike

2018-01-12 20:09:23 UTC  

Im coming from Ohio, bringing two people, maybe three.

2018-01-12 20:10:35 UTC  

Ohio always makes a strong showing!

2018-01-12 20:11:56 UTC  

Oh yeah? I'd be down to meet some other Ohioans.

2018-01-12 20:30:50 UTC  
2018-01-12 20:31:08 UTC  

He can point you in the right direction

2018-01-12 23:12:11 UTC  

Playing this while in a 100 man charge as the Soviets on Red Orchestra 2

2018-01-13 20:16:01 UTC

2018-01-13 21:16:05 UTC  


2018-01-13 23:56:48 UTC  

I was right, too

2018-01-14 22:03:56 UTC  

@everyone I'm down for the Knoxville ordeal, so long as I don't have to book a hotel. Southern IL region.

2018-01-14 22:04:28 UTC  

@goygicy noyce.

2018-01-14 22:04:34 UTC  

(oops, deleted it.)

2018-01-16 23:28:43 UTC  


Pertaining to Jan 21st:

Contact me, if you need to know the recommended hotel.

Also, if you cannot afford a hotel, you are welcome to stay at my house, but you should bring a mat and sleeping bag, or blow up mattresses, as the beds and couches have already been reserved for officers.

2018-01-16 23:39:30 UTC  

Signed up for Knoxville, will be my fourth TWP event. Lexington should be a route for some of you guys coming from KY, Indiana, and Ohio, I live an hour from Lex. Looking for a ride Saturday to the pre fellowship meet outside Knoxville, and rally. I can park and ride from Lex or a pickup? Also warm place to sleep, I can sleep on the floor, have a mat. Thanks!

2018-01-16 23:54:07 UTC  

Maybe the KY or IN goys can pick u up

@☦Colton of Yore☦
@Dr.Cocopuff | KY#3889

2018-01-17 04:02:43 UTC  

If you can get to Jeffersonville IN, about 20 minutes from Louisville, I may actually have an open spot.

2018-01-17 04:59:19 UTC  

Thnaks for offer! I'll think about it! It's a distance issue, I'm 4 hrs from Knox, bit over 2 hrs to Jeffersonville. Hoping to hop on someone going down interstate 75 to Knox. Still a few days to figure it out.

2018-01-17 13:36:07 UTC  

@everyone NC niggers message me if you want a ride

2018-01-17 14:41:04 UTC  

Can you all be sure you please have some all black stuff? I know it's cold, but if we're showing up with like our uniform under our winter clothes it looks derpy.