Message from Arcturus in tradworker #find-a-ride

2017-10-31 02:08:29 UTC  

hey I need a ride to walmart then the strip club

2017-10-31 02:10:35 UTC  

Don't you mean the strip club then Walmart (the economics just don't make sense vice versa)

2017-10-31 02:11:18 UTC  

Maybe he wanted to go to Walmart to buy strippers presents

2017-10-31 02:14:08 UTC  

Different approach then I would take...but hey , who knows

2017-10-31 02:14:44 UTC  

after the strip club obviously I'm going to the stripper's house

2017-10-31 02:14:57 UTC  

I need to buy some personal items first tho

2017-10-31 02:18:18 UTC  

Hahahaha...the fat girls in the bar I'm at are looking at me funny cause I'm laughing so hard, maybe you got the right idea

2017-10-31 02:18:41 UTC  

Or how do we know he wasn't going to Walmart to buy Evola to read at the strip club?

2017-10-31 02:20:19 UTC  

There's no other way for a truly enlightened man to spend his evening

2017-10-31 03:16:31 UTC  

Go to walmart to buy sleeping meds in bulk, ductape, a set of gloves, a hot plate, and lube.

2017-10-31 03:22:39 UTC  

Can anybody give me a ride from TN to Berlin 1933?

2017-10-31 03:24:41 UTC  

Yea where at in TN

2017-10-31 03:30:28 UTC  

Do you have a bus? Or three or four? I think I could find a hundred to make that trip.

2017-10-31 03:31:10 UTC  

Magic school bus goes to Hitlers Germany, learns the truth.

2017-10-31 03:31:28 UTC  

You could fine like a good 325 million

2017-10-31 03:31:30 UTC  

Seriously tho I'm from TN

2017-10-31 03:31:47 UTC  

Lets go together fam

2017-10-31 03:32:31 UTC  

@Mr. Hughes

Where in TN are you?

I'm in Knox

2017-10-31 03:32:52 UTC  

Im from franklin

2017-10-31 03:33:15 UTC  


A bit of a drive. If you are ever in East TN, give me a holler.

2017-10-31 03:36:43 UTC  

I wish we could organize all the TN guys under one subgroup. I know a good few from IE/TWP/ the League.

2017-10-31 03:36:59 UTC  

The way things are going we're more likely to hold a fistfight

2017-10-31 03:48:06 UTC  

Ya, there are a lot of TN goys out there.