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John Mosby 2018-01-26 00:08:59  

A good friend of mine is training there now, so Im gonna start going back

Der Jäger 2018-01-26 00:09:06  

Generally speaking ppl at combat gyms are cool about race

John Mosby 2018-01-26 00:09:55  

Ya, they wanted me to fight on their team...I was scheduled for my first AM fight, but had to drop out right before it, cuz my kid was born with heart problems.

John Mosby 2018-01-26 00:10:15  

I guess they didn't give AF that my WP tats would be visible.

John Mosby 2018-01-26 00:12:47  

I have a bunch of skinhead bros (now TWP), who trained with Casey Oxendine in Tri-Cities, too

Der Jäger 2018-01-26 14:58:06  

thats a great video so through 30 minutes last night

Der Jäger 2018-01-26 14:58:42  

here's a conditioning workout we did last night...easy to do at home. being able to train at home is key I have discovered

Der Jäger 2018-01-26 14:58:53  

my life is fuking busy! so I can't always make it to the gym.

Der Jäger 2018-01-26 14:59:22  

30 sec skip knees
30 sec run in place
30 sec front kick and high knees
30 sec jump squats
30 second 1/2 combo, left/right low leg kicks

Der Jäger 2018-01-26 14:59:27  

Repeat that 3 times

Der Jäger 2018-01-26 14:59:32  

take 1 minute break

Der Jäger 2018-01-26 15:00:10  

and then find some open space and moving laterally, throw jab/right cross/left hook and shuffle right...repeat 10 times

Der Jäger 2018-01-26 15:00:17  

then reverse and go back the same direction

Der Jäger 2018-01-26 15:00:46  

30 sec throwing whatever combos you like, drop do 20 pushups

Der Jäger 2018-01-26 15:00:48  

repeat 3 times

Der Jäger 2018-01-26 15:05:34  


Der Jäger 2018-01-26 15:05:45  

front kick, cross, left hook, right elbow, knee, rear kick
cross, kick
kick, cross
switch kick

John Mosby 2018-01-26 15:08:58  

Nice. Im busy AF, myself. I never have time to workout, but I need to, at least, do a bit of cardio...

John Mosby 2018-01-26 15:09:25  

Im trying to get it to where every time the goys get together we do some boxing and grappling, as well.

John Mosby 2018-01-26 15:17:47  
Der Jäger 2018-01-26 15:17:55  

yeah if you can do that at home its a good thing...takes 20 minutes or so

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:09:10  

Did this channel just open?

John Mosby 2018-01-26 17:09:21  

ya, yesterday

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:09:29  

Excellent. Can the title change?

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:09:40  

I want people to know that they can come here for both tips on physical training and general health

John Mosby 2018-01-26 17:09:56  

Im not a mod...i dont see why it be a prob, though

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:10:21  

I’ll change it real quick and if they dislike it they can change it

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:10:34  

I need the discord experience anyways. I’m still a noob to all the features

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:13:22  

There we go

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:13:31  

I put a description as wel

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:13:37  


FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:14:35  

I think this channel being created was an EXCELLENT idea. Roman salute to whoever made this channel.

John Mosby 2018-01-26 17:19:59  

Fevs made it

K Martin 2018-01-26 17:29:01  

This will be a great place for people to signal "If You Didn't Lift Today, The Jews Win" posts

FashyGoy1488 2018-01-26 17:31:31  

@Fevs are you cool with my name and description change brother?

Hadrian 2018-01-26 17:33:34  

the name is a little long. It cuts off the end

John Mosby 2018-01-26 17:35:20  

Looks fine to me