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2018-03-10 07:16:20 UTC  

so many funny parallels

2018-03-10 07:16:33 UTC  

Stalin was a POS...he wasn't true NazBol...only the stupid Russians think he was

2018-03-10 07:16:41 UTC  

Yeah where's the lie

2018-03-10 07:16:52 UTC  

I think he was part Jew top

2018-03-10 07:16:54 UTC  


2018-03-10 07:17:08 UTC  

He was...

For the record...FUCK Stalin

2018-03-10 07:17:15 UTC  


2018-03-10 07:17:16 UTC  

im also being shady af in manipulating people into more fascist mindsets

2018-03-10 07:17:24 UTC  

and the commies are the only ones radical enough to realize it

2018-03-10 07:17:27 UTC  

so it gets real funny

2018-03-10 07:17:53 UTC  

because they dont try to argue against my points, they just call me a dirty manipulative faggot

2018-03-10 07:17:56 UTC  

and I laugh as I win

2018-03-10 07:18:02 UTC  

NazBol only severs to break the one-track mindset of Hitlerism

2018-03-10 07:18:30 UTC  

We arn't Hitlerites, we ARENT Strasserites...we are NS, in our modern context

2018-03-10 07:18:44 UTC  

true national SOCIALISTS

2018-03-10 07:18:51 UTC  

We need to learn from both sides of the NS divide, and learn from the mistakes of the past

2018-03-10 07:19:16 UTC  

So we're not invading russia this time around right

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2018-03-10 07:19:50 UTC  

>claiming to be national socialist
>imperialist wars

2018-03-10 07:20:02 UTC  

Real strasserist posting hours

2018-03-10 07:20:15 UTC  

The Strassers were RIGHT

2018-03-10 07:20:32 UTC  

So wait what is TWP’s official stance? Is this a Strasserist party?

2018-03-10 07:20:34 UTC  

To some extent, at least

2018-03-10 07:20:44 UTC  

We're big tent larpers

2018-03-10 07:20:57 UTC  

Is everyone having a good night?

2018-03-10 07:21:07 UTC  

@Fash Dragon yeah you're mom is especially NERD

2018-03-10 07:21:35 UTC  


We are NS...we can learn from Hitler and the Strassers, but we are neither, because their views are for only their people and time, which we arent a part of

2018-03-10 07:22:13 UTC  

We are what is necessary

2018-03-10 07:22:24 UTC  

American national socialism could never follow the ideals of hitler to the T anyway

2018-03-10 07:22:33 UTC  

It's a different time, it's a different place

2018-03-10 07:22:38 UTC  

We aren’t germans, this isn’t germany

2018-03-10 07:22:41 UTC  

@Fevs actually my mom is drinking with my little brothers friends

2018-03-10 07:22:48 UTC  

@Fash Dragon that's weird

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2018-03-10 07:23:02 UTC  

Who are you drinking with @Fash Dragon

2018-03-10 07:23:11 UTC  

@Fevs nobody.

2018-03-10 07:23:22 UTC  

What are you some kinda alcoholic

2018-03-10 07:23:24 UTC  

But yes. We are modern NS. I love that approach.

2018-03-10 07:23:44 UTC  

We like ideas of Hitler and revere him. We like ideas of Strasser and only make fun of him a little.