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2018-03-10 07:34:16 UTC  

Honestly if I did not have our struggle, I would have went ahead and overdosed.

2018-03-10 07:34:21 UTC  

Mosby is one of our best, never anything but on point.

2018-03-10 07:34:47 UTC  

We should all emulate that dedication to our brother Blackshirts.

2018-03-10 07:34:50 UTC  

Glad we can conquer the fear of death, and become heroes in the time of nihilism.

2018-03-10 07:35:06 UTC  

This is carrying the torch in the void.

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2018-03-10 07:35:36 UTC  

Keep pushing forward, hailing death, and conquering the inhumane and horrific realities of life.

2018-03-10 07:35:52 UTC  

Be happy warriors for your sword and shield is Truth.

2018-03-10 07:36:47 UTC  

We'll find peace in victory

2018-03-10 07:37:13 UTC  

And when we reach that victory, we'll find peace in continuing our struggle until we are free.

2018-03-10 07:37:17 UTC  

If any of us want to survive this struggle, then GTFO...we will all be Martryed...there is no doubt in my mind of it

2018-03-10 07:37:39 UTC  

Peace within death

2018-03-10 07:38:43 UTC  

I've tried killing myself before. It is only an escape.
Our future youth will only face harder struggle, and worse.

It is our destiny to save the future from the struggle we have faced.

2018-03-10 07:39:39 UTC  

Our people's future is either torture and death or total war

2018-03-10 07:39:44 UTC  

Captain, my religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me. Captain, that is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave. - Stonewall Jackson

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2018-03-10 07:42:27 UTC  

Well brothers, I am off to bed...I gotta drive to AR soon to pickup Johan; plus, I gotta get the membership packs ready to be shipped on Mon


2018-03-10 07:42:37 UTC  

Love yall (no hom)

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2018-03-10 07:44:14 UTC  

Love you all too.

2018-03-10 07:46:02 UTC  

We will overcome, we will become our future.
No one shall set us into dust.
It us ourselves that will become the most brutal of force.
The allies who are true will find us as true.

2018-03-10 07:49:43 UTC  

Love y'all niggas

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2018-03-10 07:49:57 UTC  

We doin' the thing.

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I just want to sleep

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Why did an israeli join

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why aren't you niggers in vc

2018-03-10 08:40:05 UTC