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2018-03-10 03:52:15 UTC  


2018-03-10 03:52:26 UTC  

Heimbach is doing good in this debate

2018-03-10 03:52:39 UTC  


2018-03-10 03:52:44 UTC  

Read that shit

2018-03-10 03:52:56 UTC  

TWP is over.

2018-03-10 03:52:59 UTC  

time to go home boys

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2018-03-10 03:53:23 UTC  

If TWP Ends, North America is fucking lost.

2018-03-10 03:53:26 UTC  

Heimbach is too reasonable. Can't have that.

2018-03-10 03:53:28 UTC  

guys once we dress like spencer the jew media will be fair to us lmao

2018-03-10 03:53:44 UTC  

Dude Spencer was on our side there

2018-03-10 03:53:50 UTC  

y fiance thinks spencer is a fag good luck getting us rural kids to follow him lmao

2018-03-10 03:53:56 UTC  

even my

2018-03-10 03:54:02 UTC  

God fucking damn

2018-03-10 03:54:14 UTC  

Risking the whole future for fucking drama

2018-03-10 03:54:15 UTC

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2018-03-10 03:54:42 UTC  

i think all this in fighting is stupid but twp has made every attempt to squash it

2018-03-10 03:54:53 UTC  

I'm so sure Hezbollah has this shit going on yeah guys

2018-03-10 03:55:00 UTC  

this is all about anglins attention seeking

2018-03-10 03:55:06 UTC  

You can fucking squash it

2018-03-10 03:55:09 UTC  

By not engaging

2018-03-10 03:55:28 UTC  

The entire purpose is to engage in infighting, once both sides engage they are split.

2018-03-10 03:55:36 UTC  

Heimbach has handled all of the opposition in a very reasonable and transparent manner.

2018-03-10 03:55:37 UTC  

Can someone fill me in? I can’t tune into the debate...

2018-03-10 03:55:40 UTC  

"would have been easy not to attack antifa"

2018-03-10 03:55:42 UTC  

It's all fucking drama

2018-03-10 03:55:42 UTC  

yes he has

2018-03-10 03:55:45 UTC  

antifa attacked people

2018-03-10 03:55:51 UTC  

litteraly you couldnt avoid it

2018-03-10 03:55:57 UTC  

Barging in??!?

2018-03-10 03:56:13 UTC  

The cops also caused the problem as well.

2018-03-10 03:56:20 UTC  

Lunch table drama fucking bullshit

2018-03-10 03:56:43 UTC  

This guy has no idea what he's talking about. Clearly hasn't even watched a full video of it.

2018-03-10 03:56:47 UTC  

tbh i think different tactics recruit different kinds and lets have multiple fronts but lets all be together when it matters

2018-03-10 03:57:14 UTC  

Well yeah that will work, and can work.

2018-03-10 03:57:16 UTC  

no point to be fighting each other over this stuff

2018-03-10 03:57:31 UTC  

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY y r u mad. I'm frustrated with it too, but I trust heimbachs judgment

2018-03-10 03:57:37 UTC  

But when we actually DO have mulitple fronts, and everyone wants to fight each other for fucking who the hell knows what.

2018-03-10 03:57:51 UTC  

no anglin and weev wanted to fight

2018-03-10 03:58:00 UTC  

I'm pissed because it's some typical cointelpro bullshit that we are all falling for.