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2018-03-05 22:59:28 UTC  

I swear next rally blast 80s montage as we march in

2018-03-05 23:01:36 UTC  


2018-03-05 23:02:42 UTC  

I don't know who made this but 10/10

2018-03-05 23:02:48 UTC  

Sargons guys got into with Antifa somewhere and capture the flag.

2018-03-05 23:03:26 UTC  

Lol, just been looking through the press photos. Good Job gentleman. I'm sure you gave em' hell.

2018-03-05 23:03:53 UTC  

Dats off a /k/ faceboo k group currently named Kammusser nationalism.

2018-03-05 23:06:02 UTC  

Just saw some videos of you goys knocking out antifa lol

2018-03-05 23:06:38 UTC  

I hope they don't try to pull some cville shit and arrest them for defending themselves in a few weeks

2018-03-05 23:06:53 UTC  

our doxed guys will be id'd in no time, if they aren't already

2018-03-05 23:08:31 UTC  

Sargon beaten up Antifa today.
Lol, this day keeps going.

2018-03-05 23:13:34 UTC  

Sargon of Mossad and his guys beat up antifa and took there

2018-03-05 23:13:58 UTC  

Anyone got any good videos?

2018-03-05 23:14:27 UTC  

Fucking BASED Sarg'n

2018-03-05 23:14:39 UTC  

there ya go @K Martin

2018-03-05 23:14:56 UTC  


2018-03-05 23:15:46 UTC  

can somebody give me the transparent background png of the twp logo

2018-03-05 23:15:51 UTC  

the same that's the logo for this server

2018-03-05 23:16:09 UTC

2018-03-05 23:30:52 UTC  

I hope this game is at least half as good as the book

2018-03-05 23:31:24 UTC  

Can't see when our fella got hit though

2018-03-05 23:32:53 UTC  

That big Antifa fucker wanted none of Heimbach.

2018-03-05 23:34:42 UTC  

Matt H looking STRONK

2018-03-05 23:34:46 UTC  

I wonder if this is right when he got hit, he seems a bit dazed

2018-03-05 23:35:46 UTC  

Someone else.. that needs an invite to discord so he has a nickname, knocked the helmet guy for a loop, lol

2018-03-05 23:36:02 UTC  

You can hear it crack on his helmet

2018-03-05 23:39:21 UTC  

National! SOCIALISM!

2018-03-05 23:39:39 UTC  

Its like they thought they could run at a group of NS guys and they would just give
They lost all heart within a few seconds.
usually they are high, drunk and persistent.

2018-03-05 23:39:44 UTC  

Can't tell if heimbach is that chad or antifa is that pussy

2018-03-05 23:40:00 UTC  

Why not both

2018-03-05 23:40:04 UTC  


2018-03-05 23:40:09 UTC  

That's my thought

2018-03-05 23:40:16 UTC  

He slung that pussy like a rag doll

2018-03-05 23:41:06 UTC  


2018-03-05 23:41:12 UTC

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2018-03-05 23:43:07 UTC  

Matthew Heim­čů▒ach

2018-03-05 23:43:35 UTC