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2017-02-06 00:56:18 UTC  

Democoracy has veen practed since anchient grease, communism since lenin.

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Historically communists have violated human rights and humanitarian laws much more than fascists have. The good old "We must starve for the good of the union" kek

2017-02-06 00:56:51 UTC  

The ammount of innocents communism has killed in the short time it has existed compared to democracy is huge

2017-02-06 00:57:03 UTC  

lul. and America didn't kill its own people?

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who, cops?

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kek if you think thats an argument

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Criminals, they are not innocents

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wait what are we talking about

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if you're talking about slaves, >its own people

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As in criminals who do unforgivable criomes or are about to hurt a officer

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One good example of the failings of communism is the USSR casualties in WWII. Look up those numbers and be amazed at their casualties being a full order of magnitude higher than anyone else's. Also, look up man made famine in Ukraine and the great leap forward in china. No one kills nearly as many of their own people as communists.

2017-02-06 00:59:09 UTC  

fascism isnt even a detailed thing

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its a buzz word

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Mao is responcible of more deaths than anyone else in human history

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these idiots think fascism equates to totalitarian dictatorships which is what their preferred style of government turns into

2017-02-06 00:59:55 UTC  

fascism = nationalist capitalism

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or nationalist corporatism

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@GunsNdrums it's meaning has been diluted with time, but try looking into its history and you will get an understanding of it, for better or for worse

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well it's kind of made up, trump is certainly not a fascist

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All communists should be killed

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even though the US uses the symbol in Congress itself

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Deported, not killed

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<@148568683948539906> look up "what have the romans ever done for us". That's imperialism.

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with bunnies

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The Fasces is an ancient Roman symbol representing the absolute power and authority of the state

2017-02-06 01:01:28 UTC This is also a good set of polcies for fascism, though mind they were made pre-ww1

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i know what the fasces is

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here i thought fascism was invented in ww2

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roman officers would carry one