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2017-02-23 17:35:28 UTC  

Here's my full writing on the subject. Everyone here should give it a read! "If we want to become guards against violent mobs, we should recognize past efforts that can help us review what might be at stake, so that we can know what should be expected of us.

Meet Benjamin Fodor, aka “Phoenix Jones” and the Rain City Superhero Movement...."

2017-02-23 17:37:33 UTC  

Pin it

2017-02-23 17:37:57 UTC  

idk how to

2017-02-23 17:38:06 UTC  

ill google it

2017-02-23 17:39:31 UTC  

@Burnside When can we use images again?

2017-02-23 17:41:48 UTC  

There's no pin option here

2017-02-23 17:42:06 UTC  

Only the mods can do so

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2017-02-23 18:36:30 UTC  

What did she mean by this?

2017-02-23 18:47:25 UTC  

The awaking of the sheep

2017-02-23 19:28:42 UTC

2017-02-23 19:35:13 UTC  

have the leaks been relased yet

2017-02-23 19:35:17 UTC  

mr okeefe

2017-02-23 19:35:33 UTC  

ok they were just released

2017-02-23 19:40:30 UTC  

Dat hover hand

2017-02-23 19:52:21 UTC  

These goddamn ayylmao threads are the best

2017-02-23 20:02:15 UTC  

if anyone wants to work on the cnn leaks i set up a discord. we're uploading files to mega currently

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2017-02-23 20:06:24 UTC  
2017-02-23 20:59:45 UTC  

Milo's secretly funding a swarm of helicoptors to throw the communists out of

2017-02-23 21:03:59 UTC  

When's the Bill shitstorm coming?

2017-02-23 21:22:39 UTC  

Sargon is triggered

2017-02-23 21:23:01 UTC  

sargon "the democratic party can be reformed" of akkad

2017-02-23 21:23:31 UTC  

the thing about democrats is that they could be completely sane

2017-02-23 21:23:36 UTC  

abhor sjw stuff

2017-02-23 21:23:38 UTC  

be fun to be around

2017-02-23 21:23:42 UTC  

but their policies would still suck

2017-02-23 21:23:45 UTC  

you cant ever reform them

2017-02-23 21:29:36 UTC  

That whole thing seems a little silly

2017-02-23 21:29:54 UTC  

Like why would you trust TYT to reform the democrats.

2017-02-23 21:30:31 UTC  

I would be like putting a retard in charge of special education.

2017-02-23 21:32:14 UTC  

They like centralized everything, which is extremely corruptable, they like high taxes to make the government accrue revenue it doesnt deserve, and they have a cynicism about voluntary human interaction

2017-02-23 21:32:20 UTC  

its just a misanthropic viewpoint

2017-02-23 21:32:40 UTC  

and im looking forward each day to watching it go the way of the dodo bird

2017-02-23 21:32:46 UTC  

because thats whats hapening

2017-02-23 21:32:48 UTC  


2017-02-23 21:33:07 UTC  

They also are corrupt as crap. But so are the republicans.

2017-02-23 21:33:35 UTC  

yeah they are both statists