Message from Fash Dragon in Literally not TradWorker #welcome

2018-03-06 01:08:27 UTC  

Should we start referring to normies as muggles to piss off leftists

2018-03-06 01:08:29 UTC  

then by the third it was pozzed

2018-03-06 01:16:48 UTC  

Fash dragon is a ngr and fuck thots

2018-03-06 01:17:59 UTC  

where lie

2018-03-06 01:18:18 UTC  

If you guys are famous/important enough to skip vetting lmk

2018-03-06 01:18:44 UTC  

If you know anybody IRL I can get you in easily, if not we're gonna have to work some stuff out

2018-03-06 01:24:07 UTC  

Wut, you met me at Shelbyville.

2018-03-06 01:24:26 UTC  

And Cesar made me North Georgia Officer.

2018-03-06 01:25:11 UTC  

the new server name is tits

2018-03-06 01:28:21 UTC  

havent gotten to meet anyone irl yet because CA is a lost cause to everyone it seems

2018-03-06 01:28:47 UTC  

ive talked in DMs to a couple of these guys before ill be happy to communicate

2018-03-06 01:36:59 UTC  

@It'sAnnudaShoah is a good boy. He has my full endorsement

2018-03-06 01:43:28 UTC  

He and I got interested tradworker at the same time

2018-03-06 02:25:02 UTC  
2018-03-06 02:34:02 UTC  


2018-03-06 03:03:47 UTC  

Henlo. This isn't a twp server right? Because that's bad.

2018-03-06 03:10:13 UTC  

@Tony Hovater Of course not, I personally love people of color

2018-03-06 03:10:23 UTC  

wouldn't want to associate with those evil nazis

2018-03-06 03:11:27 UTC  

@Hadrian said i could use him as a recommendation for vetting

2018-03-06 03:12:16 UTC  

I trust him

2018-03-06 04:15:00 UTC  

I have @Tarnfurt added on facebook. I don't think he's a party member but he's a coolster from what I've seen

2018-03-06 04:15:55 UTC  

@Fash Dragon Modded, I trust your judgement fam just be careful and you can voice vet anybody

2018-03-06 04:19:04 UTC  

So is this gonna be like the new server or what?

2018-03-06 04:31:36 UTC  

Good thing this isn’t TWP, those guys are so mean

2018-03-06 04:32:20 UTC  

Evil racist assholes

2018-03-06 04:32:34 UTC  


2018-03-06 04:32:51 UTC  


2018-03-06 04:33:49 UTC

2018-03-06 04:34:35 UTC  

Disgusting, read the rules fam no racism in here

2018-03-06 04:43:12 UTC  

Wait... can I not say “oriental”?

2018-03-06 04:47:09 UTC  

Asian American

2018-03-06 04:47:12 UTC  


2018-03-06 14:46:32 UTC  

White Powder!

2018-03-06 14:52:02 UTC  

@Tony Hovater can u vet pls

2018-03-06 14:53:18 UTC  

SSieg HHeil bruders

2018-03-06 14:53:33 UTC  

Hello from Uzbekistan bruders

2018-03-06 14:54:13 UTC  

Nordic aryan master race NRM member here 😎

2018-03-06 14:55:51 UTC  

Its business hours here in Burgerland, so mod availability to do vetting might be limited

2018-03-06 14:56:12 UTC  

Nordic resistance MOVEMENT?
smh fucking movementarian

2018-03-06 14:57:42 UTC  

No mic on me atm guys SRY, unless you niggas know somebody personally that I know and I can get you in

2018-03-06 14:58:19 UTC  

Business hours here too, at work right now getting paid to browse Nazi discords. So it's cool, I can wait