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2018-02-01 16:29:35 UTC  


2018-02-01 16:39:59 UTC  

I’m in my homestead right now

2018-02-02 03:29:38 UTC  

You can get truckloads of wood chips for free

2018-02-02 03:34:03 UTC  

@John Mosby Mushrooms are not really my thing, but if I am in a survival situation, I would not turn them down unless they made me sick from eating them.

2018-02-02 03:35:04 UTC  

Even if u don't like to eat them (I personally love em), they are very profitable to sell, and they are great for composting.

2018-02-02 03:36:42 UTC  

@Dangerlurking you probably should turn them down, especially in a survival situation. Mushrooms are harder than other plants to correctly identify, so they're dangerous unless you study them/grow them yourself

2018-02-02 03:39:38 UTC  

I almost tried growing P. Cubensis in my closet to make some extra cash

2018-02-02 03:39:54 UTC  

I know the profit margins on THOSE were a bit extreme 😉 i dunno how it is with legal mushrooms

2018-02-02 03:41:15 UTC  

@Vice Commander Hunt I meant if I KNOW if they are safe.

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Growing some stuff there?

2018-02-02 03:59:45 UTC  

not yet, still too snowy

2018-02-02 04:00:14 UTC  

eventually though. They have a 5+ year shelf life

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2018-02-03 04:32:36 UTC  

Hmm, this makes me wonder, why not construct a greenhouse?

2018-02-03 04:35:01 UTC  

I would be interested looking to it

2018-02-03 04:38:15 UTC  

I mean, it could make farming easier, and you could do it year round, rather than in the warmer half of the year.

2018-02-03 12:56:59 UTC  

Aquaponics greenhouses my dude, most efficient way to do it

2018-02-03 13:02:49 UTC  

Tl;dr on aquaponics, it's combining hydroponics with fish farming. The fish add nitrogen to the water, gets cycled back through the plants. Almost entirely self-sufficient. You can grow duckweed to feed the fish too. Boom, high efficiency gardening using raised beds to maximize sq footage

2018-02-03 20:53:45 UTC  

Can you really use that for 3 square meals a day?

2018-02-03 22:37:06 UTC  

Yeah they’re good for a lot actually

2018-02-03 22:37:16 UTC  

I almost started one with my ex

2018-02-03 22:37:36 UTC  

Aquaponics OP

2018-02-03 22:37:55 UTC  

Just looked into buying a home

2018-02-03 22:38:42 UTC  

Dude nice

2018-02-03 22:38:51 UTC  

Good luck

2018-02-03 22:38:51 UTC  

It'll be a while

2018-02-03 22:38:57 UTC  

Yeah same

2018-02-03 22:40:46 UTC  

Its got a fence

2018-02-03 22:40:57 UTC  

So I can garden

2018-02-03 22:41:03 UTC  

Despite it being in town

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2018-02-03 22:42:04 UTC  

Garden is a must

2018-02-04 04:37:04 UTC  
2018-02-04 04:37:42 UTC  

Keep farm fresh eggs for a whole year with this method.