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2017-12-03 06:23:53 UTC  

In front of everyone, on world TV.

2017-12-03 06:25:57 UTC  

And he did accomplish his goal, certain parts of Bosnia and Croatia were completely cleared of Muslims.

2017-12-03 06:26:20 UTC  

He did it by pounding cities, towns etc with heavy artillery.

2017-12-03 06:26:23 UTC  

among other things.

2017-12-03 06:26:26 UTC  

yeah I was around when the bombing happened I was in 10th grade

2017-12-03 06:26:45 UTC  

I remember read US News And World Report as a teenager

2017-12-03 06:27:08 UTC  

Bosnian muslim have been there for Centuries, but i agree.

2017-12-03 06:27:12 UTC  


2017-12-03 06:27:31 UTC  

I have Serb-Bulgar background so yea....removing kebab is something we must do

2017-12-03 06:27:35 UTC  

Bosnia and Albania are the Muslim European countries kind of.

2017-12-03 06:28:01 UTC  

They have historical ties to Grenada etc. but i still want them out.

2017-12-03 06:29:02 UTC  


2017-12-03 06:29:10 UTC  

Many hid out and never converted.

2017-12-03 06:30:34 UTC  


2017-12-03 06:33:12 UTC  

I wish my Fallout games were online playable

2017-12-03 06:33:16 UTC  

*Unrelated* I wish RDR had a better pc platform

2017-12-03 06:33:20 UTC  

which sucks

2017-12-03 06:33:33 UTC  

or Elder Scrolls but those are one player

2017-12-03 06:35:33 UTC  

Will probably organize a game tomorrow.

2017-12-03 06:35:43 UTC  

oh ok

2017-12-03 06:35:49 UTC  

what time EST?

2017-12-03 06:36:37 UTC  

Apparently there are torrents of it but I dont have any solid Virus protection right now to test out

2017-12-03 06:42:30 UTC  

I want to get Men Of War: Assault Squad 2 this coming week

2017-12-03 06:54:58 UTC  

Do you guys play Oregon Trail?

2017-12-03 06:59:06 UTC  

Sorry, *oregano trail

2017-12-03 07:00:56 UTC  

Or ET?

2017-12-03 07:02:20 UTC  


2017-12-03 08:52:08 UTC  

👏 👏 👏 👏

2017-12-03 10:59:38 UTC  

oi oi

2017-12-03 18:21:12 UTC  

Guys, we need to fund this company.

2017-12-03 19:11:58 UTC  

Hello comrades

2017-12-03 19:17:47 UTC  

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) I actually looked at them to get down to Tennessee lmao

2017-12-03 19:19:30 UTC  


2017-12-03 19:19:45 UTC  

Its the exact symbol, the owner cant not be aware.

2017-12-03 19:20:09 UTC  

feels good man

2017-12-03 19:47:53 UTC  

What games are you guys playing

2017-12-03 19:48:34 UTC  

None right now, will probably organize a Cold War HOI4 session, half of us will play the Communist nations, other half will be Democratic nations.

2017-12-03 19:49:15 UTC  

How about fascists....I am not a fascist bun in the game fascists are the best

2017-12-03 19:49:31 UTC  

You can do nearly everything

2017-12-03 19:49:40 UTC  

Well its the Cold war, only Fascist nations left are Spain and Portugal.

2017-12-03 19:49:55 UTC  

Yeah you are right