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2017-08-22 03:05:49 UTC  

Family came to meet Cantwell and Invictus

2017-08-22 03:06:13 UTC  

Shitlibs up here were like "he's bringing his kid to hang with domestic terrorists"

2017-08-22 03:06:57 UTC  

But even if you had, there's no grounds. And to claim the 2 that died in the unrelated helicopter crash is just irresponsible. The shitlibs are the domestic terrorists...

2017-08-22 03:18:48 UTC  

Yeah exactly

2017-08-22 14:57:56 UTC  
2017-08-23 03:51:11 UTC  

Yeah safety pins work just fine. I should have wrapped it tighter. In the future there may be some better way is all I'm saying, like a blended material that was able to conform to fit, in various sizes.

2017-08-23 11:49:35 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦ You wouldn't what the whole thing made if it just a section in the back where you can't see it elastic material is ugly

2017-08-23 11:51:09 UTC  

But you will still need to use a pin to hold it in place unless you make it so tight that you cut off circulation

2017-08-23 15:09:12 UTC  

@RexLexus how'd your interview go? Do you have a success story for us???

2017-08-23 16:08:22 UTC  

I didn't even have an interview lol they stuck me right in the laundry room

2017-08-23 16:08:35 UTC  

On my 2nd day now everyone has been wicked nice

2017-08-23 16:08:44 UTC  

Working with a few Moldovans

2017-08-23 16:08:52 UTC  

They are very Aryan looking

2017-08-23 16:09:02 UTC  

So far so good

2017-08-23 16:09:23 UTC  

I doubt the pay is as good as my last gig but God it feels good to not be in a kitchen

2017-08-23 16:09:48 UTC  

They were stoked I had kitchen experience I think they want me in theirs also though

2017-08-23 16:10:08 UTC  

So I was out of work officially for a week

2017-08-23 16:21:16 UTC  


2017-08-23 16:36:49 UTC  

It's nice when jobs are like that. When I started in manufacturing they just had me sign some papers, watch a safety video, and sent me out to the production line.

2017-08-23 19:44:18 UTC  

If anyone needs help with resumes or just tips about that stuff let me know.

2017-08-23 19:44:42 UTC  

Not sure if this is the best place to put it but oh well.

2017-08-23 21:20:49 UTC  

congradulations Rex

2017-08-23 22:28:22 UTC  

Awesime news rex!

2017-08-24 01:51:31 UTC  

Thanks guys

2017-08-24 01:51:34 UTC  

Just got home

2017-08-24 01:51:50 UTC  

I guess no one knows me shows how many people read the paper lmao

2017-08-24 01:52:05 UTC  

Manager was asking where they "stole me from"

2017-08-24 01:52:12 UTC  

I said I was unemployed

2017-08-24 01:52:23 UTC  

She said I didn't seem like the type to be unemployed hahaha

2017-08-24 01:59:53 UTC  


2017-08-24 02:08:20 UTC  

Making less than I have in a while though which kinda bites

2017-08-24 02:08:37 UTC  

Some thing is better than nothing for now though

2017-08-24 03:44:16 UTC  


2017-08-24 11:35:28 UTC  

Yup but don't worry you'll make it threw just keep looking to move up and fore better jobs it is easer to get a new job if you are already working

2017-08-28 19:17:07 UTC  

If any one is in RI ,CT or southern MA the Department of veterans Affairs hospital has a maintenance mechanic (handy man) position open starting at $21.80hr it is on

2017-09-02 00:24:07 UTC  

What was this group once called?

2017-09-02 00:55:47 UTC  

It's always been the silver guild to my knowledge

2017-09-02 02:19:42 UTC  

How might have one like myself been invited?

2017-09-02 04:56:24 UTC  

It was advertised in the TWP discord, that's where I came from

2017-09-02 17:23:55 UTC  

Ah ok

2017-09-18 02:31:33 UTC