Message from John Mosby in tradworker #tradworker

2018-02-25 03:30:48 UTC  

Implying that it does not go before the start

2018-02-25 03:30:50 UTC  

if we pilled every christian on how much jews mock and hate them

2018-02-25 03:30:58 UTC  

the war would have been over long ago

2018-02-25 03:31:03 UTC  

I'm actually a Calvinist

2018-02-25 03:31:21 UTC  

I'm actually a Talmudic rabbi

2018-02-25 03:31:50 UTC  

im not a bagan bopper, but pretending like you can have a NS movement that isnt christian based is retarded

2018-02-25 03:32:08 UTC  

Okay what

2018-02-25 03:32:24 UTC  

🅱agans 🅱tfo

2018-02-25 03:32:29 UTC  

Here we go

2018-02-25 03:32:30 UTC  

FFS If we got a Christianity debate

2018-02-25 03:32:38 UTC  

let me go ahead and cook some food

2018-02-25 03:32:39 UTC  

Can we just not do this

2018-02-25 03:32:40 UTC  

No religous infighting I'LL BAN

2018-02-25 03:32:45 UTC  

Debate Deez nuts

2018-02-25 03:32:55 UTC  


2018-02-25 03:33:02 UTC  

@johanC debate your happy trail FAG

2018-02-25 03:33:07 UTC  

Please no

2018-02-25 03:33:14 UTC  

No bully

2018-02-25 03:33:16 UTC  


Johan is the new Colonel of Region 4.

I will be sending emails in the next couple days to all the members of Region 4 explaining the change in leadership and giving everyone Johan's new email address.

It has been a pleasure serving as Colonel of Region 4...I know the region is in capable hands.

2018-02-25 03:34:05 UTC  

@John Mosby appreciate those kind words kamerad.

2018-02-25 03:34:11 UTC  


Send me that new proton nigga.

2018-02-25 03:34:19 UTC  


2018-02-25 03:34:29 UTC  

That's some gay normie shit

2018-02-25 03:34:39 UTC  

My email is [email protected]

2018-02-25 03:35:02 UTC  

>no using a north korean email

2018-02-25 03:35:47 UTC  


To my understanding, all of NF is suppose to be using protonmail to discuss any Party related matters.

2018-02-25 03:36:11 UTC  

Thats gay i need to reform that

2018-02-25 03:36:12 UTC  

Proton mail is great

2018-02-25 03:36:24 UTC  

Protonmail is pseudo security

2018-02-25 03:36:51 UTC  

If you know something better, then let Matthew know, so we can all be on the same page.

2018-02-25 03:37:16 UTC  

I'll get all colonels using GPG encryption

2018-02-25 03:37:36 UTC  

Then we can go down the ranks learning

2018-02-25 03:37:47 UTC  

We really should be doing that anyway

2018-02-25 03:38:09 UTC  

lmao dude

2018-02-25 03:38:16 UTC  

You are retarded.

2018-02-25 03:38:27 UTC  

Protonmail is encrypted but its server side

2018-02-25 03:38:28 UTC  

You know you get your russian email whenever you sign up?

2018-02-25 03:38:45 UTC  

You're relying on the protonmail servers to not be compromised

2018-02-25 03:38:51 UTC  

GPG is entirely client side

2018-02-25 03:39:05 UTC  

It's your username, and

2018-02-25 03:39:12 UTC