Message from Miomio in Anticom #general

2017-03-05 07:55:00 UTC  

Forced Sterilization for crimmals.

2017-03-05 07:55:00 UTC  

they jews dont tell us

2017-03-05 07:55:17 UTC  

and where all drinking and eating amounts of birth control

2017-03-05 07:55:32 UTC  

I'm tired that a bunch of people in the world are dying of starvation while others are dying of obesity

2017-03-05 07:55:34 UTC  

drugs is better option, make a profit and watch degerante birth rate drop

2017-03-05 07:55:40 UTC  

also let roids be legal for me pls

2017-03-05 07:55:46 UTC  

the blue birds fly with blue birds, and the red birds fly with the red birds, when mixed together, they dont fly, they sit idle and fight and bring nothing but scars to themselves and instability to their flock

2017-03-05 07:55:53 UTC  

We need world peace right now or we have world destruction

2017-03-05 07:55:55 UTC  

@asdfgasdfgasdfaoklk You use condoms and abortions, so it perfectly works

2017-03-05 07:55:59 UTC  

no kill the criminals

2017-03-05 07:56:08 UTC  

Hang wrongdoers

2017-03-05 07:56:11 UTC  

with africa i think we need to stop sending food cause it makes artificial growth

2017-03-05 07:56:18 UTC  

We need forced Sterilization for crimmals.

2017-03-05 07:56:25 UTC  

institute a chinese 1 child policy and send less food over time

2017-03-05 07:56:29 UTC  

Stop sending charity because it fucks the economy

2017-03-05 07:56:33 UTC  

@Miomio yep most smart white people do just saying cant blanket all populaiton control measures

2017-03-05 07:56:38 UTC  

Food is a short term solution

2017-03-05 07:56:41 UTC  

Too agressive, blues

2017-03-05 07:56:47 UTC  

Also compulsory secondary education reduces birth rate to half

2017-03-05 07:56:51 UTC  

until obongo can maintain his family with the local food

2017-03-05 07:56:52 UTC  

Really makes you think

2017-03-05 07:56:55 UTC  

> says that after overthrowing Gaddafi who was making Lybia better off economically

2017-03-05 07:56:57 UTC  

We need to actually help their government and economy if they want change

2017-03-05 07:57:13 UTC  

or send in white farmers in exchange to making sure the natives get enough food not to starve

2017-03-05 07:57:24 UTC  

and blam poplation explosion

2017-03-05 07:57:48 UTC  

segration and killing crimials on the spot might help

2017-03-05 07:57:55 UTC  

I like how streets buildings and cars are normal in the usa

2017-03-05 07:57:56 UTC  

thats why i prefer my original plan

2017-03-05 07:58:03 UTC  

But in others it's a luxury

2017-03-05 07:58:15 UTC  

sterilizaing at the abortion/birth clinic is a good way to do it

2017-03-05 07:58:27 UTC  

mix mercuy with flu shots to africans

2017-03-05 07:58:45 UTC  

Life would be better if everyone spoke the same language

2017-03-05 07:58:50 UTC  

Look at Haiti

2017-03-05 07:58:54 UTC  

Well, just force aborigenes to settle in apartment houses with 6 square meters per person and that will reduce birth rate too

2017-03-05 07:59:01 UTC  

They only speak French and their fucked!

2017-03-05 07:59:02 UTC  

Remove non english speakers

2017-03-05 07:59:36 UTC  

Seriously Haiti is right next to the Dominic republic and Puerto Rico and their economy is fucking shit

2017-03-05 07:59:46 UTC  

they dont even live in there they sleep on the roads.

2017-03-05 07:59:56 UTC  

fuckin France won't help them in the slightest

2017-03-05 08:00:02 UTC  

public executions make the population unhappy, i believe africa should be left alone but we have a type of contract with nations which is sort of like colonialism, they give us most of their goods and let us send our people to colonize, and they support us in all our endevors, and we build them schools, roads, and various other infastructure, and make sure they arent a shithole

2017-03-05 08:00:09 UTC  

@Praise Jesus ✞✞✞ - North NJ Cuz local niggers are henocided local whites