Message from Deimos-MI in MI Goy Scouts - Official šŸ‘Œ #enlisted_chat

2018-01-06 05:48:23 UTC  

Let's get things figured out and get the ball rolling

2018-01-06 05:49:04 UTC  

he said Sunday he'll know more

2018-01-06 06:22:09 UTC  

can you pin this @Jelly MI ?

2018-01-06 06:22:11 UTC  

1. YUGE banner drop hopefully(possible 50'er) with an MLK slogan.
2. Flash demo if we get our 8-10 goys at the Balbo monument in Chicago. (Ancient roman pillar dedicated to Chi by Mussolini)
3. YUGE prolife march at 2pm, and attempted high jacking of said march.
There is guaranteed media coverage if we get there early enough, and are the first ones they see.
We have a local contact who has worked extensively with the TWP, and were hoping to pull a few trad workers as well.
We may get a few goys from Midwest Alliance as well.

2018-01-06 06:22:35 UTC  

Masks are allowed. Mask up all day.
By hijack I mean, this, we show up an hour or more early to the march site, and waot for the media to set up. Once they set up, and start filming we start demonstrating.
Of course our banners will be related "Protect our Posterity!" "White Babies Matter!" Something along those lines.
No weapons.
ANTIFA are not expected to come because it'll be a flash rally

2018-01-06 06:23:00 UTC  

everything is on the level as far as legality is concerned, I asked him; they're expecting at least 10 guys from PF/TWP combined in IL, unknown from midwest alliance, plus us from MI

2018-01-06 06:23:29 UTC  

we'll know more come Sunday evening; PF should have extra masks, but if you can get your hands on some quick, that'd be good
what we need is a camera, apparently he doesn't have one

2018-01-06 06:36:44 UTC  

This will be Sunday, January 14th in Chicago

2018-01-06 06:37:15 UTC  

Jayoh from TRS might be there, forgot to confirm

2018-01-06 16:40:05 UTC  

2018-01-07 03:02:58 UTC  

Working on plans for Chi town. Iā€™m on call that weekend so I would have to get someone to cover for me so I may have to drive separate or something. Not taking the black pill on this one just yet.

2018-01-07 03:04:01 UTC  

it would be awesome if you could make it

2018-01-07 05:32:44 UTC  

@Patrick MI what time do you get off work Saturday?

2018-01-07 05:33:24 UTC  

we're either taking Steve or Alex's car there, so we'll need to let them know when to expect us

2018-01-07 06:01:45 UTC  

What time would I need to be there on Sunday? Iā€™m looking at a possible early morning drive

2018-01-07 06:02:09 UTC  

they want to start the banner drop at 11AM

2018-01-07 06:02:13 UTC  

March is at 2?

2018-01-07 06:02:18 UTC  

do a flash rally around 1PM ish probably

2018-01-07 06:02:27 UTC  

then the march at 2

2018-01-07 06:02:27 UTC  

Ok got it

2018-01-07 06:02:40 UTC  

we've got four guys for sure going from MI

2018-01-07 06:03:34 UTC  

so what you thinking? would you make it?

2018-01-07 06:03:41 UTC  

afterwards we'll obviously have a party for the evening

2018-01-07 06:09:39 UTC  

My hope is that I can leave at 5am and make the city at 10:30am. I can probably only get someone to cover me for that day so I would be leaving later on in the afternoon. Totally worf it

2018-01-07 06:16:32 UTC  

let me know as soon as you can

2018-01-07 06:18:09 UTC  

the meetup to get in the vans is at 10AM

2018-01-07 06:26:21 UTC  

but we can communicate, figure out a place to pick you up

2018-01-07 19:12:23 UTC  

this is seriously going to be a lot of fun.

2018-01-07 22:17:09 UTC  

@Patrick MI hey, can you order me a flag on Prime too?

2018-01-07 22:20:40 UTC  


2018-01-07 22:20:58 UTC  

it needs to be a collapsible pole

2018-01-07 22:21:11 UTC  

ill try and find one

2018-01-07 22:27:44 UTC  

thanks bud

2018-01-07 22:44:22 UTC  

Lol my dad just admitted Jews run everything

2018-01-07 22:44:30 UTC  


2018-01-07 22:44:46 UTC  


2018-01-07 22:45:01 UTC  

I'll send him a "welcome to the Alt-right" gift basket

2018-01-08 00:59:41 UTC  

So misticuff is probably coming

2018-01-08 01:28:13 UTC  

@Jelly MI hey, reminder to setup that recruiting server

2018-01-08 02:42:52 UTC  

All done. Please feel free to check it out and lets go from there.