Message from Patrick MI in MI Goy Scouts - Official πŸ‘Œ #enlisted_chat

2018-01-19 04:57:31 UTC  

That’s what my wife keeps telling me but I don’t believe her

2018-01-19 04:58:30 UTC  

I like that we are discussing Spencer at MSU already

2018-01-19 04:58:47 UTC  

We're all pumped for it

2018-01-19 04:59:12 UTC  

Yeah. I didn’t want to derail the convo

2018-01-19 05:01:22 UTC  

Now we just need to get U of M figured out when its announced.

2018-01-19 05:01:23 UTC  

@Patrick MI dude, we could use the projector at this event

2018-01-19 05:01:27 UTC  

Jelly linked it earlier

2018-01-19 05:01:51 UTC  

Btw, 7:13 for what?

2018-01-19 05:02:22 UTC  

I believe thats a tentative event, btw.

2018-01-19 05:02:48 UTC  

That was Steve, disregard

2018-01-19 05:02:51 UTC  

It will change when the actual date is announced, but I also shared the BAMN & Stop Trump meeting dates.

2018-01-19 05:03:10 UTC  

I'm looking at those right now, trying to catch up on discord

2018-01-19 05:04:10 UTC  

maybe rename "homework" channel to "activism" channel, we can post intel and planning there

2018-01-19 05:04:42 UTC  

deimos, i unfortunately was banned from that event

2018-01-19 05:04:50 UTC  

for liking certain comments

2018-01-19 05:04:59 UTC  


2018-01-19 05:05:12 UTC  

fucking white male!

2018-01-19 05:05:17 UTC  


2018-01-19 05:05:57 UTC  

dude zucc has it out for me

2018-01-19 05:06:10 UTC  

but im starting my 7th alt on a foreign number

2018-01-19 05:06:37 UTC  

i found an id card in a jacket i was looking at at a resale shop

2018-01-19 05:06:55 UTC

2018-01-19 05:07:02 UTC  

i will become, reva wexler

2018-01-19 05:07:08 UTC  


2018-01-19 05:07:41 UTC  

id question me all you want

2018-01-19 05:07:46 UTC  

theres the id

2018-01-19 05:07:46 UTC  

Going for Jewish alias eh? "Reva Wexler"....

2018-01-19 05:07:47 UTC  


2018-01-19 05:07:54 UTC  

oy vey

2018-01-19 05:08:13 UTC  

God, look at these soyboys

2018-01-19 05:08:21 UTC  

look at those arms

2018-01-19 05:08:59 UTC  

Could kill all with bare hands alone

2018-01-19 05:09:02 UTC  

literally 2 of us could take all 8 of them

2018-01-19 05:09:22 UTC  

but you guys, i just want to say this, we ar esurely becoming the forefront of PF. we need to look and act the part. PT is now a must.

2018-01-19 05:09:29 UTC  

we need to set the example

2018-01-19 05:10:10 UTC  

what i saw in IL was 4chan nationalism

2018-01-19 05:10:10 UTC  

I'm about the fucking PT bro

2018-01-19 05:10:51 UTC  

Right. No head-cases or weeboo betas in our network

2018-01-19 05:11:30 UTC  

We need a liftwaffe channel on the PF server