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2018-02-07 20:47:24 UTC  

i just paid a bunch of bills and rent and the projector so i need to wait a week before i start spending some more lol

2018-02-07 20:47:45 UTC  

yeah i know the feel

2018-02-07 20:48:00 UTC  

mac n cheese nationalism

2018-02-07 20:49:10 UTC  

Edamame free boi.

2018-02-07 20:50:09 UTC  

Peanut curry smells like literal ass.

2018-02-07 20:50:14 UTC  

Taste amazing.

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2018-02-07 21:01:00 UTC  

ok than, homework and study for this goy.

2018-02-07 21:02:54 UTC  

Great meme lol ^

2018-02-07 21:10:04 UTC  

@Patrick MI bring the projector to DC this summer when we march!

2018-02-07 21:37:23 UTC  

For sure, I have a travel case too

2018-02-07 21:55:07 UTC

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2018-02-07 21:57:53 UTC  

How did she take it?

2018-02-07 21:58:19 UTC  

she told him aboug her black son

2018-02-07 22:03:25 UTC  

She took the bait

2018-02-07 22:03:48 UTC  

I think she's either triggered or curious or both

2018-02-07 22:05:17 UTC  

Keep us in the loop, this is kinda entertaining.

2018-02-07 22:06:46 UTC  

Mmm brings me back to my early 4chan days

2018-02-07 22:08:09 UTC  


2018-02-07 22:10:40 UTC  

ill post more of her replied when i get home from class

2018-02-07 22:10:59 UTC  

she must be blowing my shit up because my phone almost vibrated off the desk

2018-02-07 22:11:41 UTC  


2018-02-07 22:14:20 UTC  

Just a quick idea I had while driving past a few churches. We need to make an organization called "alliance of patriotic churches" to defend against the replacement of the American people by foreign congregations.

2018-02-07 22:16:04 UTC  

I passed a few churches and a few of them had signs "welcoming all nations" with the African colors. I'm not Christian, but it's triggering as fuck that even churches are trying to replace the American people.

2018-02-07 22:17:24 UTC  

I don't mind that democracy's have made population replacement their strategy because we can always fight against and demonise them, but it's hard to attack churches in the minds of most Americans.

2018-02-07 22:18:01 UTC  

We need an org that provides a counter balance to their globalist rhetoric. Emphasize authentic American Christianity.

2018-02-07 22:18:05 UTC

2018-02-07 22:18:31 UTC  

"Do you like music?"

2018-02-07 22:18:36 UTC  

fucking classic

2018-02-07 22:18:37 UTC  

Anyways, I'm out fam. On the road.

2018-02-07 22:18:40 UTC  


2018-02-07 22:19:21 UTC  

Lol Plumbus working his magic on women

2018-02-07 22:19:44 UTC  

Fashy interactions with women are always fun

2018-02-07 22:21:24 UTC  


2018-02-07 22:21:49 UTC  

Tell me, what do you see in this image?

2018-02-07 22:22:02 UTC  

It's not only me right?

2018-02-07 22:22:13 UTC  

(((Military Industrial Complex)))

2018-02-07 22:22:28 UTC  

oy vey