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White supremacy? They wish

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He's NIRLV, can't see that.

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I have the worst luck. I come out to do some postering right. It's snowing out and I figure hey i'll be in the clear, right? OH NOPE! EVERY single person in the world must have thought, "Oh it's a blizzard, TIME TO WALK MY DOG, GO OUT DRINKING WITH THE GUYS ETC" So I finally get to another area, and there are no metal poles at all. I tried on five diffrent times to tape some up, in the "Hugging" form right. *NOTHING WOULD STICK* And some were flying out of my hands so I had to run and catch them. Me:"REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE". So I keep walking and walking and walking and walking for about 20 mintues, looking for like Newspaper stands or main roads that might not have that much traffic right. I get to one of them and It's filled NFL sportsball tweakers, I shit you not. Plus folks are driving 1 mile per hour in both lanes. SO I trudge on, fall on my butt a good six times becuase of the ice and I'm like "Wow I suck as a Pantry fort member." But never fear gents I will make a second attempt soon. "BLOOD AND COOKING OIL, PANTRY FORT!" But in seroiusness I 'll see what I can do, we have strong gale winds too. #Fuckwinter. 😂

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My classes were delayed til 10 today

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it's 35 degrees with a light sprinkle

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I don't understand

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I've lived in places with actual winter

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I drove from Richfield, WI to West Chicagoland IN A BLIZZARD

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yet nothing closed

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if there is a slight chance of more than 3 inches here the entire place shuts down

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and god forbid it actually does snow

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@TheAPPParty at my uni some urban youths came and wrote nigger and a few hail hurtler's and in response the created the anti-racist task force

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@The Hooknose- UT omfg😂 anti racist task force they're probbaly as useful as captain hindsight

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They just cancelled all of my classes after 12 because of "inclement weather"

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Hell yeah!

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Actual name the president created it put of his budget because sharpie swazis. 😔 if only I could create butthurt on that level

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That's a nice looking banner @Patrick MI

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Poor kids got caught up in the clown world and had no means of putting their pent up emotions into productive action.

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@Patrick MI damn sexy!

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Show us the whole thing.

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@Thomas Ryan thats just a damn shame

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WTF DO THEY EXPECT? You pump these poor kids from FUCKING DAY ONE! That they need to hate themselves and just let the world walk all over them. If you never saw this coming, you may be a shitlib.

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@Thomas Ryan The clown world we live in creates mental illness. Diversity, technological super stimulation, the destruction of community, the securitization of society, the break down of the family, all of this leads to the ultimate mental unraveling of everyone. Happiness and mental health is an illusion in the clown world.

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The Amish and similar communities are probably the only people in America who could pass for mentally healthy.

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The banner is over at @Himmler MI place I think he's wrapped up at work or school atm

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@southland I bet thats true, but I'm sure that there's a jew out there pathologizing about why the Amish have mental issues cause they don't embrace modernity

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Just a matter of time before we get someone in Colorado

2018-02-07 18:44:52 UTC  

We've got two in intermediary.

2018-02-07 18:44:58 UTC  

Springs area.