Message by Patrick MI, in Operation Wolverine, #general

Alfred NC 2018-01-17 06:26:43

If I go and no one gets hurt I won't come to any MI events again, heads up

Patrick MI 2018-01-17 06:26:55

there will be blood, son

Patrick MI 2018-01-17 06:26:57


Deimos-MI 2018-01-17 06:27:01

We can always fight in the afterparty

Patrick MI 2018-01-17 06:27:15

yeah, over the top arm wrastlin

Deimos-MI 2018-01-17 06:27:16

Alfred fights Patrick

Hussar 2018-01-17 06:27:20

Get drunk and yell at niggers.

goygicy 2018-01-17 06:27:25

Fight club after party

goygicy 2018-01-17 06:27:35

Hey, you

Deimos-MI 2018-01-17 06:27:36

@Alfred NC I hope you're at least 6'2 bud, you're gunna need it

Patrick MI 2018-01-17 06:27:40

broken glass break dancing nationalism

goygicy 2018-01-17 06:27:40


Alfred NC 2018-01-17 06:28:07

I'm 5'8" of flab and hate

Patrick MI 2018-01-17 06:28:15


Patrick MI 2018-01-17 06:28:20

totally based af

Deimos-MI 2018-01-17 06:28:21

bring your brothers then...

Deimos-MI 2018-01-17 06:28:21


Deimos-MI 2018-01-17 06:28:30

or tranqs

Alfred NC 2018-01-17 06:28:58

I'll put 5$ on vitrivius, somehow or another he has these giant hands that will kill anyone they touch

Hussar 2018-01-17 06:29:31

So, what are the laws in Michigan regarding nigger bopping sticks? It's been a while since I have looked.

Patrick MI 2018-01-17 06:29:40

we should start a vetting channel for this and ask if youre an anime fajjot

Patrick MI 2018-01-17 06:29:46


Alfred NC 2018-01-17 06:30:07

Step one; Don't get caught with a nigger knocker and it's ALWAYS legal

goygicy 2018-01-17 06:30:35

Um friendship is magic is dope

Hussar 2018-01-17 06:30:37

In all seriousness, collapsible batons, good or no.

Hussar 2018-01-17 06:30:40


Hussar 2018-01-17 06:30:44


Patrick MI 2018-01-17 06:30:53

psh idk for this event tbh

Patrick MI 2018-01-17 06:30:59

we probably wont be in uniform

Patrick MI 2018-01-17 06:31:08

we dont want to make it us vs them, we need to look like normies

Hussar 2018-01-17 06:31:08

@goygicy What did you say?

goygicy 2018-01-17 06:31:24

Lol I've got a kid. I'm allowed

Alfred NC 2018-01-17 06:31:24

Magic is heresy

Hussar 2018-01-17 06:31:28

Oh, ok.

Hussar 2018-01-17 06:31:36

Crisis averted

goygicy 2018-01-17 06:31:43

To watch it by myself

Hussar 2018-01-17 06:32:11

I am preparing the jumper cables.

Hussar 2018-01-17 06:32:31


goygicy 2018-01-17 06:33:00


Alfred NC 2018-01-17 06:33:02

So I have no idea what this event is or why I'm here tbh, I just figured Hussar would go and I trust in him to guide my righteousish fury

So whereish and whenish am I doing whatish, PM me if it's O P S E C

goygicy 2018-01-17 06:33:21

Nigger hunting