Message from Thomas Ryan in Front And Center #activism

2017-10-20 15:19:56 UTC  

@Goymen Sachs whered you get those stickers my dude

2017-10-20 15:22:01 UTC  

I've got like 500 of them

2017-10-20 15:33:28 UTC  

i need some so i can do 5 minute activism

2017-10-20 15:34:28 UTC  

That American sun sticker is sexy

2017-10-20 15:57:28 UTC  

@ZeDwiver the American sun is from Otto and the PF ones were ordered online

2017-10-20 15:57:47 UTC  

ordered from where

2017-10-20 15:57:52 UTC  

custom order?

2017-10-20 15:58:02 UTC  

Vista prints

2017-10-20 15:59:47 UTC  

Chris handed out some PF business cards last night too while we crossed through town. Great night last night

2017-10-20 16:06:10 UTC  

aight thanks

2017-10-20 21:56:44 UTC  

Got 5 people prepared for postering next week.

2017-10-20 22:08:59 UTC  

I got maybe 1-2 to add to that @Halfdan

2017-10-20 22:47:15 UTC  

@Halfdan @Lucilomar - FL Might want to split up and hit two different places then.

2017-10-20 22:48:13 UTC  

I can do that, I'll talk to @Halfdan about it

2017-10-21 01:40:48 UTC

2017-10-21 01:41:01 UTC

2017-10-21 01:43:04 UTC  

Got a few places outside community college parking. Did some more near the university to but no pics. 10 large stickers put up total

2017-10-21 01:44:37 UTC  

Pics could be a bit better, but good work.

2017-10-21 01:46:51 UTC  

Yeah wasn't trying to get usable ones just going for speed then said fuck pics when security came out

2017-10-21 01:47:51 UTC  

Oh really? Security? What did they do?

2017-10-21 01:47:52 UTC  

Someone has to notice. 10 of those fuckers up

2017-10-21 01:48:03 UTC  

Did they follow you?

2017-10-21 01:49:07 UTC  

No chase just came out of the building and started walking towards me. Just power walked down a side street.

2017-10-21 01:49:47 UTC  

👍🏻 no major issues. Not like they're gunna chase my ass through downtown 😂

2017-10-21 01:52:33 UTC  

Nice. Need a friendo to do another pass incognito and take clear pics.

2017-10-21 01:54:40 UTC  

Yeah I need some friends that are in line with me politically.

2017-10-21 01:56:28 UTC

2017-10-21 01:56:45 UTC  

This one was still up at 4pm

2017-10-21 01:56:52 UTC  


2017-10-21 02:06:32 UTC  
2017-10-21 02:06:45 UTC

2017-10-21 02:07:34 UTC

2017-10-21 02:08:28 UTC  
2017-10-21 05:47:02 UTC  

RIP blue ink

2017-10-21 07:09:45 UTC  

Yay! That was me :)

2017-10-21 07:10:00 UTC  

Thx Billy

2017-10-21 07:17:11 UTC  

I'm trying to figure out how they got it off without a crane truck... They must have had someone reach over the fence and snag it up. Glad it wasn't easy for them.

2017-10-21 07:24:49 UTC  

We're here you parasites. Our numbers continue to grow and we're not done yet.

2017-10-21 18:57:27 UTC  

@Halfdan Those look great. Looking forward to seeing them up.